This is an archive of sermons presented by Jerry L Henderson. Most of these were presented in several different localities as Jerry worked with many congregations during the 50 years he preached the Gospel of Christ. The audio lessons available here are generally from the past 10 years or so as they are of the best quality and most available. Where recent presentation audio was not available we have used older audio if it was available. Outlines and presentation slides have also been made available in the same manner. Please take advantage of this resource for your personal study or presentation to others.


Accomplishments Of JesusPDFPPT

Allowing God To ChoosePDFPPT

All Sufficiency Of The ScripturesPDFPPT

Almost PersuadedPDFPPT

Am I DriftingPDFPPT

The Anatomy Of GodPDFPPT

Apathy 01PDFPPT

Apathy 02PDFPPT

Are You Spiritually Minded?PDFPPT


At The Fork In The RoadPDFPPT

Attitudes In First Century ChurchPDFPPT

Authority - The Supreme Court Is Not SupremePDFPPT

Back To BasicsPDFPPT

Baptism - How, Who, And WhyPDFPPT

Bear Fruit In Old AgePDFPPT

Becoming All Things To All MenPDFPPT

Be Focused, Stay Faithful, Look ForwardPDFPPT

Be Focused, Stay Faithful, Look ForwardPDFPPT

Before And AfterPDFPPT

Be Not AnxiousPDFPPT

Be Ye Reconciled To GodPDFPPT

The Bible And The ChurchPDFPPT

Biblical IlliteracyPDFPPT

The Birth Of JesusPDFPPT

Blame GamePDFPPT

Blessings And Responsibilities Of Local Church MembershipPDFPPT

The Blood Of ChristPDFPPT

Bond Servant Of ChristPDFPPT

Burdens Of LifePDFPPT

By Faith MosesPDFPPT


By What StandardPDFPPT


Called To Be SaintsPDFPPT

Calling Evil GoodPDFPPT


Can Ordinary People Please GodPDFPPT

The Certainty Of Our InheritancePDFPPT

Changing Our WorldPDFPPT

Christ Formed In YouPDFPPT

Christian ConsistencyPDFPPT

Christianity In Everyday LifePDFPPT

Christian Life According To PhilippiansPDFPPT

Christian - Optimist Or PessimistPDFPPT

Christians And ChristmasPDFPPT

Christian's Attitude Toward MaterialismPDFPPT

Christ Our MediatorPDFPPT

Christ's Divinity - His Lordship And PreeminencePDFPPT

The Church At EphesusPDFPPT

The Church At SmyrnaPDFPPT

The Church At PergamosPDFPPT

The Church At ThyatiraPDFPPT

The Church At SardisPDFPPT

The Church At PhiladelphiaPDFPPT

The Church At LaodiceaPDFPPT

The Church That Is Of ChristPDFPPT

The Clarion Voices Of GodPDFPPT

Commitment To The TruthPDFPPT

Communication With GodPDFPPT

Compromising God's LawPDFPPT


Conscience (1Timothy)PDFPPT

Consider The LiliesPDFPPT

The Cost Of DiscipleshipPDFPPT

Crossing The JordanPDFPPT

Cure For SnakebitePDFPPT

Daily Bible Reading 01PDFPPT

Daily Bible Reading 02PDFPPT

Danger Of Following A far OffPDFPPT

Dangerous Deceptions 01PDFPPT

Dangerous Deceptions 02PDFPPT

David A Man After God's Own HeartPDFPPT

David A Man Of Many GiantsPDFPPT

David Strengthened HimselfPDFPPT

Destruction Of One's FaithPDFPPT

The Devil Is LimitedPDFPPT

The Devil's Game PlanPDFPPT

Dirty Dishes And White TombsPDFPPT

Disciples IndeedPDFPPT

Distinctions In SinPDFPPT

Divine ProvidencePDFPPT

Do All Religions Have Equal EvidencesPDFPPT

The Doer And The TeacherPDFPPT

Does Every Person Have A Right To Their Own Beliefs?PDFPPT

Do I Want To Go To HeavenPDFPPT


Elijah An Example For UsPDFPPT

Emotions In The Christian's LifePDFPPT

Encouragement - BarnabasPDFPPT


Equalities And Inequalities Of ManPDFPPT


Examining Context Of ScripturePDFPPT

Exceedingly Above AllPDFPPT


Faithfulness In Hard PlacesPDFPPT

Fatherhood The Lord's GiftPDFPPT>

Feeling Or RevelationPDFPPT>

The First Command Of AllPDFPPT>

The First Unity MovementPDFPPT

Fit For The KingdomPDFPPT

Flee, Follow, Fight, FocusPDFPPT

Following The CrowdPDFPPT

Forewarned Of GodPDFPPT

For I Believe GodPDFPPT


Four Essentials In The Lord's WorkPDFPPT

Friends Of JesusPDFPPT

From Generation To GenerationPDFPPT

Fruit BearingPDFPPT

Fruitfulness Of ChristiansPDFPPT

Fullness In ChristPDFPPT


Giving As WorshipPDFPPT

God's Attributes And Man's SinPDFPPT

God's Chosen PeoplePDFPPT

God's Greatest SpokesmanPDFPPT

Goodness And Severity Of GodPDFPPT

A Gospel MeetingPDFPPT

Gospel Meeting SuccessPDFPPT

Go To War To Find PeacePDFPPT

Grace As Seen Through Paul's EyesPDFPPT

Grace Through Faith Made SimplePDFPPT

Growing As ChristiansPDFPPT

Habakkuk's PleaPDFPPT

Handling Aright The Word Of TruthPDFPPT

Have No Pity On ThemPDFPPT

Hearing Like Israel HeardPDFPPT

Heart-Felt ReligionPDFPPT

Heaven And Who Is Going TherePDFPPT

The Heavenly VisionPDFPPT

Hell And Who Is Going TherePDFPPT

Helping God's WorkPDFPPT

Help In The StormPDFPPT

The High Cost Of A Free GiftPDFPPT

Hindering God's WorkPDFPPT

Holy In ConductPDFPPT

Honest And Good HeartPDFPPT

How Noah Built The ArkPDFPPT

How To Enjoy Success Without CompromisePDFPPT

How To Make The Church Grow 01PDFPPT

How To Make The Church Grow 02PDFPPT

How Well Do We Listen?PDFPPT


An Ideal AudiencePDFPPT

If Everyone Was Like MePDFPPT


I Have Set The Lord Always Before MePDFPPT

The Impartiality Of GodPDFPPT

Importance Of Being EarnestPDFPPT

Importance Of CommunityPDFPPT

Imputed RighteousnessPDFPPT

In An Hour That Ye Think NotPDFPPT

The Infallibly Safe WayPDFPPT

In What Do You Glory?PDFPPT

Inquire Of GodPDFPPT

Is Good Enough Good Enough?PDFPPT

Is It Necessary To Attend Every Assembly?PDFPPT

Is It Wrong To Judge Others?PDFPPT

Is Salvation Only In The Church?PDFPPT

Is The Church Of Christ Just Another Denomination?PDFPPT

Is Your Religion Really Yours? 01PDFPPT

Is Your Religion Really Yours? 02PDFPPT

Jesus Our LordPDFPPT

Jesus Our SaviorPDFPPT

Jesus The Ultimate ServantPDFPPT

The JudgmentPDFPPT

A Kingdom Not Of This WorldPDFPPT

King Of KingsPDFPPT

The Kingship Of JesusPDFPPT

A Knowledge Of The TruthPDFPPT


Leading Men To ChristPDFPPT

Learning Something From NothingPDFPPT

Lessons From A CrookPDFPPT

Lessons From A Disobedient ProphetPDFPPT

Lessons From ElijahPDFPPT

Lessons Learned From False TeachersPDFPPT

Little Tools Big JobsPDFPPT

Living HopePDFPPT

Living LettersPDFPPT

A Living SacrificePDFPPT

The Local Church Or AssemblyPDFPPT

Looking In The MirrorPDFPPT

Lord's Supper As WorshipPDFPPT

The Lost JesusPDFPPT

Loving Those We DislikePDFPPT

Making A Better CongregationPDFPPT

Making Holy Things CommonPDFPPT

Making The Right ChoicePDFPPT

Man's Greatest BattlePDFPPT

Marks Of MaturityPDFPPT

Marvels Of God's Mercy And GracePDFPPT

Maturity In ChristPDFPPT

Measuring SuccessPDFPPT

The Mind Of Christ In YouPDFPPT

The Mote And BeamPDFPPT


Motivation To ServePDFPPT


The Nature Of The GospelPDFPPT

No Acceptable Substitutes In The Physical RealmPDFPPT

No Acceptable Substitutes In The Spiritual RealmPDFPPT

No CondemnationPDFPPT

None Of These Things Move MePDFPPT

No Room For ChristPDFPPT

Not Conformed But TransformedPDFPPT

Not To Destroy But To FulfillPDFPPT



Our Attitudes As ChristiansPDFPPT

Our Influence As ChristiansPDFPPT

Our Objective In LifePDFPPT

Our Spiritual GuidePDFPPT

Parable Of The SowerPDFPPT

Peace Of ConsciencePDFPPT

Perfect Law Of LibertyPDFPPT

Personal Obligation To TeachPDFPPT

Peter - An Image Of Human FrailtyPDFPPT

Pitching Our Tent Toward SodomPDFPPT

The Polluted CityPDFPPT

The Power To See It ThroughPDFPPT

Prayer As WorshipPDFPPT

Prepared For Christ's CominghPDFPPT

Prescription For Spiritual HealthPDFPPT

The Problem Of AnxietyPDFPPT

Problem Of Pain And SufferingPDFPPT

Problems Of The UntaughtPDFPPT

Proper WorshipPDFPPT

Purified SoulsPDFPPT


Reasons For Serving GodPDFPPT

Recognizing False TeachersPDFPPT


Re-Digging Old WellsPDFPPT

Rejoicing As ChristiansPDFPPT

Relationships As ChristiansPDFPPT

The Right CombinationPDFPPT

Road To Complete ApostasyPDFPPT

The Road To RuinPDFPPT

Rule Of SuccessPDFPPT


Sacrifices Of A ChristianPDFPPT

Satan's Work To DeceivePDFPPT

Saul Of TarsusPDFPPT

Searching For HappinessPDFPPT

The Seed Of The KingdomPDFPPT

Self EsteemPDFPPT

Separate From The WorldPDFPPT

The Seriousness Of Being A ChristianPDFPPT

Sermons Christians Can PreachPDFPPT


Shall We Not Accept AdversityPDFPPT

The Shepherd And The SheepPDFPPT

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas As A Religious HolidayPDFPPT

Showing God We Love HimPDFPPT

Singing As WorshipPDFPPT

Sin, Its Results And RemedyPDFPPT

Sowing The WindPDFPPT

The Spirit Of ChristPDFPPT

Spiritual FitnessPDFPPT

Spiritual SuicidePDFPPT

Spoiled ChristiansPDFPPT

The Stability Of Your TimesPDFPPT

Stewardship 1Cor.PDFPPT

Stewardship 1Pet.PDFPPT

Strength For TodayPDFPPT

A Successful MeetingPDFPPT

The Syro-Phoenician WomanPDFPPT


Teaching As WorshipPDFPPT


They That Worship God Part 1PDFPPT

They That Worship God Part 2PDFPPT

Things Not Needed To ServePDFPPT

Things We Cannot EscapePDFPPT

Those Who Need A PhysicianPDFPPT

Three Steps To HeavenPDFPPT

Thy Will Be DonePDFPPT

Time Past Is SufficientPDFPPT

Too Much Of A Good ThingPDFPPT


Unchanging Gospel In A Changing WorldPDFPPT

Unconditional CommitmentPDFPPT

The Undiscovered CountryPDFPPT


The Valley Of TroublePDFPPT

The Value Of The SoulPDFPPT

A Vapor That Vanisheth AwayPDFPPT

The Virtue Of PerseverancePDFPPT

Waiting By A WellPDFPPT

The Way Truth And LifePDFPPT

We Persuade MenPDFPPT

What Did Adam And Eve Look Like?PDFPPT

What Does Jesus Mean To You?PDFPPT

What Do You Think?PDFPPT

What Is Your Life?PDFPPT

WhatIsYourLife? James 4:14PDFPPT

What Is It Worth To You?PDFPPT

What It Means To Be In ChristPDFPPT

What It Means To Receive The WordPDFPPT

What It Means To Reject ChristPDFPPT

What Lack I Yet?PDFPPT

What Made Hezekiah Great?PDFPPT

What Manner Of Persons Ought Ye To Be?PDFPPT

What Shall I Do With Jesus?PDFPPT

What The Gospel Will DoPDFPPT

What The Resurrection Means To UsPDFPPT

What Time Is It?PDFPPT

What True Devotion InvolvesPDFPPT


When I Am No Longer IPDFPPT

When I Fall I Shall RisePDFPPT

When Thou Art ConvertedPDFPPT

Where Are The Dead"PDFPPT

Where God Has Placed SalvationPDFPPT

Who Is A Christian?PDFPPT

Who Killed Jesus?PDFPPT

Why Am I Here?PDFPPT

Why Are We Here?PDFPPT

Why Attend Our Gospel Meeting?PDFPPT

Why Jesus Became FleshPDFPPT

Why The Rich Man Was FoolishPDFPPT

Why We Do Not See The Bible AlikePDFPPT

The Wicked Are Like A Troubled SeaPDFPPT

A Will To Do God's WillPDFPPT

Woe To Those Who Call Evil GoodPDFPPT

The Wonderful Word Of GodPDFPPT

Wonders Of The CrossPDFPPT

The Word Of God Is Not BoundPDFPPT

Workers Together With God 1Cor. 3PDFPPT

Workers Together With God 2Cor. 6PDFPPT

Would We Have Believed Them?PDFPPT

The Wretched ManPDFPPT


Your Adversary The DevilPDFPPT

You Are Not Your OwnPDFPPT