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The Electronic Christian

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2Peter 1:12-15
Friday, 02 September 2011

The Electronic Christian

Electronic communication pervasive in society

Radio, TV, Internet, email, Cellphone, Skype, Texting, is part of our lives

This preaching appointment was arranged entirely via Facebook. Not even a phone call. :-)

How do we deal with them?

Ignore them and hope they will go away? :-)

Let others use them but keep them out of our own life?

Embrace them as useful tools to help us in life & service to God?

Barring A Major Worldwide Disaster, It Is Not Going Away

Ignoring the something has never been a valid solution.

So we just won't use these things ourselves, right.

How has that worked out with Radio & TV?

You can limit your exposure, but you can never completely remove it from your life. You are too interconnected with others who are interested in this newfangled stuff.

I believe the Bible teaches us that we should use all available resources to reach the lost.

We should also take advantage of the blessings God has given us to help us in our service to Him.

Most arguments against these things have been dealt with already. - How?

They are the same arguments that were offered regarding the dangers of telephones, radio, television, (and probably bound books vs scrolls).

The one overriding answer to all those & any new arguments...

We must use some method to reach the lost & strengthen the saints!

First Century Teachers Used The Most Advanced Methods At Their Disposal To Spread The Word & Strengthen The Saints

Luke 1:1-4

Acts 15:19-20

2Corinthians 13:10

Jude 1:3

2Peter 1:12-15

Shall we do any less?

Would Luke have refused to send his message via email?

Would Peter have refused to post his teachings to a blog or website?

Do you think Paul would have ignored the opportunities of Facebook?

We Need To Embrace Opportunities That We Have Before Us.

WITH CAUTION! - There are evils out there.

No different than before, just a little harder to avoid sometimes.

Example - vs slide

One or two letters different in the address bar can yield surprising results.

Veteran internet friend can help you learn to avoid the bad stuff.

It is rather easy to avoid most of it. Criminals tend to stick together.

Looking for warez, cracked games, game hacks will almost always lead to troubles. (Generally you should not be looking for these anyway.)

The internet is NOT PRIVATE, it is public.

If you put something on the internet, facebook, chatroom, email, website forum, flicker, etc. someone else can and probably will see it.

Putting pictures on facebook is akin to sticking them to a community bulletin board, same with messages. If you would not have it printed in the newspaper, don't post it on Facebook!

Chat rooms can be troublesome. You can never truly know who is at the other keyboard. You can take steps to avoid the worst.

Treat the internet like any other popular media, TV, Movies, Etc.

Take Advantage Of Electronic Communication Channels?

Got a smartphone/tablet? Use these things for your spiritual benefit!

Use your contacts on your phone to keep track of likely prospects.

Post religious themed status updates from time to time, pay attention to which friends "like" them.

Put a Bible or two on it - Maybe even a Bible Study program.

Then when stuck at Drs office you can read/study

Mom - few years back – “They need a Bible when they do devotion rather than computer.” Now she uses Bible on her Nook Color during worship service, Dad uses a netbook in Bible class!

2Timothy 4:13

Don't wait for them to be brought to you, carry them with you.

Psalms 119:11

Use the internet for research & study - Website logos slide

Find video or audio sermons to download to your player and listen to them while you are running or exercising.

Need to know more about Islam? Find the Quran online and read it for yourself. Compare it to the Bible. Visit sites that point out its inconsistencies.

Visit & read sites that talk about contradictions in the Bible, so you can discover how to answer such questions as you try to teach others.

Never Take Place Of Gathering With Saints To Worship God!

Some try...

Preachers have been on TV for many years.

Man in Egypt "attends" worship with congregation in TN via Skype, including Lord's Supper.

Acts 2:1

1Corinthians 11:17-18

Acts 20:5-7

Paul & companions made a point to remain where they could gather with the saints in Troas. Message could have been delivered anything during the week. Probably did teach during the week. Assembly with the saints on the Lord's Day was special.

Mankind is social being - We need to be with others.

Genesis 2:18

Hebrews 10:24-25

Just as a phone call is not the same as a personal visit, worship via skype will never satisfy our need to be with brethren as a group.

Embrace These Blessings

Use them to benefit self and others.

But remember serving God is our purpose in life.

That will direct your use of these mediums.

Matthew 6:33


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