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Pop Quiz

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2Timothy 2:15
Sunday, 13 March 2011

What Do You Know?

1. How many books are in the Bible? Old Testament? New Testament?

2. Which books fall into the following divisions?

a. Old Testament




Major Prophets

Minor Prophets

b. New Testament



Pauline Epistles

General Epistles


3. How much time passed between the Testaments?

4. What was the first law given to man?

5. Name the Ten Commandments?

6. Name the first three kings of Israel?

7. Who built the first temple in Israel?

8. Who "brought the house down" onto the Philistines?

9. How old was Jesus when he studied with the doctors of law in the temple?

10. What was the first miracle Jesus performed? Where?

11. How many Apostles did Jesus choose?

12. About how old was Jesus when he began his ministry? When he died?

13. Name the writers of the first five books of the New Testament.

14. How did the writers of the different Bible books know what to write?

15. What does inspired mean?

16. What book(s) tell us about the early church and its growth?

17. Name the five acts of worship in which Christians are to engage.

18. How are we to establish authority for our practices today?

19. Where in the New Testament can we see the early church establishing authority for their practices?

20. Were any of the books of the Bible written specifically for us today? If so, which ones?

21. How are we able to understand what Christ revealed to His messengers?

22. What is the Gospel of Christ?

23. What cleanse one of sin?

24. What must one do to be cleansed of their sin?

25. Is it possible for one that has been cleansed of sin to again become unclean?

26. How can a child of God rid himself of sin?

27. How many sins does it take to soil oneself?

28. Can one avoid sin? If so, how?

29. How can one enter Heaven?

30. Can we know that we are saved?

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