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A. All have, at times, used a pacifier with a baby

B. Pacifiers not inherently bad, can be good even necessary

C. Yet sometime try to pacify when something else is needed

D. Sometimes punishment is needed instead of a pacifier: "Studies show repeatedly that punishment reduces both frequency and seriousness of offenses by young criminals and is most effective when it is consistently imposed for every offense." These punishments don't have to be severe. But they have to be perceived as punishments." quote from University of Southern California psychologist Sarnoff Mednick, from an article in Reader's Digest We Must Get Tough With Killer Kids.



A. Pacifier - pacifist – pacification

1. Pacifier: Webster - One who pacifies - a nipple shaped device for

babies to suck on

2. Pacify: Webster - To allay the anger or agitation, soothe - appease

– propitiate; to restore to a tranquil state; settle - to reduce to a

submissive state - subdue

B. Synonyms: Pacify, Placate, Mollify, Propitiate, Conciliate, Appease –

PACIFY suggests a soothing - PLACATE suggests changing

resentment or bitterness to goodwill - MOLLIFY implies soothing

hurt feelings or rising anger; calming - PROPITIATE implies averting

anger or malevolence especially of a superior being - CONCILIATE

suggests ending an estrangement by persuasion, concession, or

settling of differences - APPEASE implies quieting insistent

demands by making concessions.

C. Scriptural usage of these ideas

1. Town clerk appeased the people Acts 19:35

2. Christ our propitiation 1Jhn 2:2; 4:10 more on this later


A. Physical pacifiers for adults

1. Food, drink, clothing, shelter, etc

2. Smoking, drinking, TV, etc

3. Giving in to children - pacifying children - but really pacifies

parent - doesn't have to deal with real issues, etc

B. Spiritual pacifiers

1. Easy Bible studies; preacher always first principles

2. Times of services - order of services - late for services

3. False doctrines: faith only, instrumental music

4. Substitute food, fun, frolic for true worship and study of God's


C. Remember, all efforts to pacify are not sinful - some are good and

right in their place, but all have their limits

1. Parents try to pacify child, but eventually have to deal with "real"

problem – church pacify new convert (babe in Christ)

2. Our nation tries to pacify other nations, but eventually must deal

with "real" problem

3. Some efforts to pacify are sinful or poor judgment


A. Pacifist - pacifism:

1. Opposition to war or violence as a means of settling disputes;

specifically - refusal to bear arms on moral or religious grounds

2. An attitude or policy of nonresistance (note Matt 5:39)

B. Balance desire for peace (Rom 12:18) with responsibility to fight

(1Tim 6:12) (see quote from Foy Wallace)

C. Parents are pacifist - efforts to keep peace in family

1. Child hungry - bottle not quite ready; wants toy - "We'll talk

about it later" instead of just saying "NO"

2. Child cries pitches a fit - what does parent do? Prov 19:18

3. In assemblies child allowed to play to keep quiet, when does

parent stop allowing this?

D. Nations are pacifist - try to keep peace

1. Give in - make concessions - help provide necessities for other


2. Sometime stop & "discipline" because of aggression

E. Christians are pacifist - seek peace 1Pet 3:11; Jas 3:17

1. In areas of judgment we give in to keep peace

2. Feed spiritual babies with milk, not meat Heb 5:13

3. Try to make "Word" palatable as possible 1Cor 9:20

4. Yet Scripture teaches us to fight - can't compromise convictions –

sinners must be convicted 2Jhn 1:9-11

5. Rebelliousness, can't be tolerated 1Sam 15:23; Gal 5:19-21

We must grow up 1Cor 3:1-3 - learn self discipline - not want to

be pacified and/or pacify themselves


A. I said earlier that we were going to talk about Propitiation. It is related to pacify - Christ's death satisfied the demands of justice 1Jhn 2:2; 4:10

B. Christ is the propitiation for our sins: He satisfied God's anger (righteous indignation) at sin by paying the price (See definitions – note attonement)

C. As a result we can now be friends with God again

D. Learn God's will and have wisdom to know when to pacify - soothe, etc and when necessary to deal with problem

E. We must deal with sin, can't just smooth things over and let ourselves and others think everything is all right, when it isn't

F. Have you allowed Christ blood to be the propitiation for your sins, thereby

satisfying God on your behalf?

"The spirit of pacifism is taking the fight out of the church. But the conflict between truth and error is unending. Victory does not come by truce. God's terms are unconditional surrender .... The church grew when the fight was waged, and the battle raged. When the let up came in the fight, the let down came in the church. It is said that the sectarians do not fight anymore. That is because the church has quit fighting, and they have nothing to fight. If gospel preachers will fight now as preachers fought then, the denominations will fight now as they fought then ... And truth will triumph now as it did then. Shall we yield to the line of least resistance, or shall we challenge error in its strongholds and its citadels?" Foy E Wallace, Jr.

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