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The following is the report I sent to those who support our efforts in the Northwest.

Dear Brethren,

Thank you so much for the generous support you provide each month which helps allow me to work with churches that cannot afford to have a gospel meeting or that may not have a preacher working with them.

The meeting in Medicine Hat, CA was well attended by the members who were able to attend.  Some could not attend due to work schedules and others due to health issues.  We averaged 9 with a high of 16 for Sunday morning worship in attendance during the meeting.  Since we were there last year they have had a man and his wife with two children come from the liberal church, having seen the errors being practiced there.  This has been a good “shot in the arm” for this small church and hopefully will result in more growth.  We only had a few visitors from the community.

From Medicine Hat we traveled Saturday morning to Lethbridge and began a meeting there Sunday morning.  Lethbridge is a little larger than the church in Medicine Hat, but is still a small group.  We averaged 11 in attendance with 12 being the highest.  Some members could not attend at times due to work schedules.  They have declined in attendance since we were there last year primarily due to people moving to other places.  However they have a dedicated core group that keeps the work going.  Mike Gray, a native Canadian serves as the evangelist for this church.

The meeting in Lethbridge just went through Thursday so we would have time to get to Ranchester, WY to begin a meeting there the next Sunday.  We averaged 7 each night with a high of 10 on Monday night.  We had visitors from the small church in Sheridan as well as one lady from the liberal church in Sheridan.  This small church consists of a man and his wife and their daughter and another man, just four people most of the time.  There is another couple that attended some while we were there in the spring but has only attended a few times since and did not attend at all during the meeting.  They are both members of the church but have been unfaithful for a long time.  I thought we might be able to talk with them some while we were there in the meeting, but were unable to do so.  This family has been working very hard to find individuals to study with and have had some studies recently, but no conversions yet.

Now we are in Mississippi ready to begin a meeting with the church in Laws Hill.  This is a small rural church about 18 miles West of Holly Springs, MS.  Bobby Holmes has preached a meeting for this church about this time of year for the past 25 years, but due to his age and failing health he can no longer make the trip from Texas.  So, I agreed last year to hold their Fall meeting for them this year.  Following this meeting we will be back home in Alabama.  We have been home only once, for a few days in June, since leaving March 6th.  When I complete this meeting I will have preached 116 sermons this year in ten states and Canada for nineteen different churches and three of these I worked with two different times during the year.  Some of these churches I just preached a week meeting and others I worked with on an extended basis up to a month.

We had quite a bit of mechanical problems with our RV this year, but due to the generosity of brethren and churches we have been able to meet all expenses and have not had to use all of what little savings we had.  If anyone would like to see an account of all our travel expenses, I will be happy to supply them.

I again express my appreciation for your financial support, but especially your prayers.  I am including a financial statement for support received thus far in 2012 so you can know how much support we have received and where it is from.  I have also included a corrected copy of the financial statement I sent last month.


Yours in Christ,

Jerry L. Henderson

Jerry L Henderson

514 W Rasch Rd

Florence, AL 35633