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Following is the August report I sent to those who support us in the work we are doing in the Pacific Northwest;

Dear Brethren,

Thank you so much for the generous support you provide each month which helps allow me to work with churches that cannot afford to have a gospel meeting or that may not have a preacher working with them.  As the result of some generous help from some individuals and more support than I was expecting from the church in Sunnyside, WA for my work with them during the month of July, along with support I anticipate from some of the churches I will be working with, I believe I will have sufficient support to finish this year.  We may not have enough to put back all that we have had to use out of our savings, but hopefully, we will be able to put some of it back.

Our work with the church in Sunnyside, WA during July went well.  It was an enjoyable month.  Our lessons were well received and copies of my outlines as well as audio of some of the lessons were requested.  The church there only meets once on Sunday afternoon.  Bible study is from 2 to 2:45 pm and then worship begins at 3 pm and they told me to not worry about the length of sermons, to just preach till I couldn’t.  I jokingly told them they didn’t know what they were saying.  Seriously, this church does not get in a hurry to get through with the worship period, it sometimes will last almost two hours and the sermons are usually not over an hour long.  This church will spend about as much time in Bible study and worship as many churches do that meet two times on Sunday.  Their attendance averaged 22 Sunday worship and 18 Wednesday evening Bible study.  They have asked us to consider coming and working with them full-time, but no decision has been made at present.

I have not heard from the preacher at the Washington Ave church in Yakima since our long visit.  From all that I have heard about the problems between these two groups, corrections need to be made by both before any real progress can be made in reconciliation.  There seems to have been some progress, but they are a long way from any kind of reconciliation.  I was supposed to have a meeting scheduled the last of August with the Eastside church in Yakima, WA, but they still have not made a decision about it.  The church in Sunnyside asked me about holding them a meeting during that time, if Yakima did not schedule one.  I have two Sundays available, so I could schedule a full week at one place and a Sunday through Wednesday at the other and still have time to make my meetings scheduled in Canada.  At this point I am going to tell Sunnyside to schedule the full week if they would like and if Yakima still wants to have a meeting I will do a Sunday through Wednesday for them.

We began our work with the Manitou Park Church of Christ in Tacoma, WA August 5th.  I am doing the Bible study Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  They meet once on Sundays at 11 am for Bible study and 12 for an extended worship period.  We will be with the church here through the 22nd.  I will be doing a gospel meeting for them August 12-17.  They average about 25 in attendance with some driving over an hour one way to services.  They are in need of a preacher to work with them.  If I understood correctly, they have not had a located preacher working with them since the church started over ten years ago.  They presently meet in a community center that use to be a school building and the Parks and Recreation department wants to sell the building.  So, eventually they will have to find another place to meet.

After we leave here we will go back to Sunnyside for a meeting and possibly one in Yakima.  From there we will be with the church in Medicine Hat and Lethbridge, CA for meetings then a meeting in Ranchester, WY before heading toward home and a meeting in Laws Hill, MS the first week in October.

I again express my appreciation for your financial support, but especially your prayers.  I am including a financial statement for support received thus far in 2012 so you can know how much support we have received and where it is from.


Yours in Christ,

Jerry L. Henderson

Jerry L Henderson

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