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It has been a while since I posted to this site.   Here is the report I sent for July

Dear Brethren,

Thank you so much for the generous support you provided which helps allow me to work with churches that cannot afford to have a gospel meeting or that may not have a preacher working with them.  I continue to be in need of more regular monthly support or some "one time" help.  A brother called and said he planned to send some “one time” help but I do not know how much.  Whatever the amount, it is definitely needed and will be appreciated.  At present we are having to use some savings we had for emergencies, because of the breakdowns and the cost of repairs earlier in the year those funds are getting close to being depleted.  We had to have some more repairs done to the RV while in Colorado Springs, CO, a new fuel pump which is in the fuel tank and that makes it more expensive to repair ($845).  We have already spent a little over $6000 in unexpected repairs this year.

Our doctor’s appointments in June went well and we enjoyed being with everyone at Rustic Youth Camp especially our children.  We were unable to find a camping spot where we normally stay, so we had to drive from Florence every day.  Our son, Jeff, was able to get a spot so the family was still able to have our family get-together at his campsite.  We stopped at Tanner Street in Malvern, AR where our son, Dan, now preaches and worshiped with them Sunday morning June 17th and Etna, AR Sunday evening where Tommy Thornhill preaches.  I preached for them that evening.  We were in Colorado Springs, CO for Wednesday evening.  The meeting in Green River could not be scheduled like we had planned due to the schedules of some of the members, but I preached for them three times that Sunday June 24.  We were with the church in Blackfoot, ID for Wednesday evening services.  We arrived at the RV Park close to Sunnyside, WA on Friday evening June 29 and I began my work with the church Sunday July 1st.

Tuesday I had a long visit with the preacher at the Washington Ave church in Yakima (only about 25 miles from Sunnyside).  This is a group that split from the Eastside church in Yakima many years ago and there has been hard feelings and charges of sin that has never been resolved.  I had heard the Eastside account when I was with them the past two years and now I have heard the other side.  It is very complicated, but as far as I can tell no doctrinal matters are involved.  It primarily concerned a preacher and culminated in them going to court over the building.  There is now, some desire on the part of both churches to try to work out these problems and be at peace with each other.  I don’t know if I helped or not, but certainly I pray that no harm was done.  The church in Sunnyside, WA is looking for a preacher to come and work with them.  Steven Wallace, who had been there for about 13 years moved to work with a church in Lubbock TX.  This church of about 20-25 members is at peace and they do have some men who can fill the pulpit, but they work long hours on the farm and have little time to prepare lessons.  While I am here, I will be teaching the adult class as well as preaching.

From here we will be going to Tacoma, WA to work with the Manitou Park Church of Christ.  I thought I had a meeting scheduled for the last week in August at the Eastside church in Yakima; however it has yet to be confirmed.  If that does not get scheduled we will stay in Tacoma until time to go to Medicine Hat, Ca for our meeting there.  After it I have meetings in Lethbridge, CA; Ranhester, WY and Laws Hill, MS.

I again express my appreciation for your financial support, but especially your prayers.  I am including a financial statement for support received thus far in 2012 so you can know how much support we received and where it is from.

Yours in Christ,

Jerry L. Henderson