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Title Scripture Reference Speaker Date Additional file
  Leaning On Jesus James 2:22 Dan Henderson 2011-06-12  Leaning On Jesus Powerpoint
  Tell Me The Story of Jesus Colossians 3:16 Dan Henderson 2011-06-12  The Story of Jesus Powerpoint
  Lessons from a Disobedient Prophet 1 Kings 13 Jerry Henderson 2011-05-29  Disobedient Prophet Powerpoint
  Are We Right? Colossians 3:12-15 Dan Henderson 2011-04-03  Are We Right? Power Point
  What Does The New Testament Say About Divorce 1Corinthians 7:10-11 Dan Henderson 2011-04-03  Divorce Power Point
  Challenges a Congregation Must Meet Jerry Henderson 2011-04-03  Challenges
  How Do We Fare? Acts 15:36 Dan Henderson 2011-02-13  13ahowwefare.ppt
  I Want To Go To Heaven 1Peter 1:3-5 Dan Henderson 2011-02-13  13bwantheaven.ppt
  Pacify Jerry Henderson -1-11-30  Pacify.ppt
  The Stability of your times Jerry Henderson -1-11-30
  Cain and Abel David Watts Sr. -1-11-30
  Churches Can Change David Watts Sr. -1-11-30
  Church Funds David Watts Sr. -1-11-30
  At the Fork in the Road Hebrews 11:24-26 Jerry Henderson -1-11-30  At the Fork in the Road
  Four Responsibilities to other People Jerry Henderson -1-11-30  four responsibilities to other people.ppt
  Jesus Christ Saviour and Lord Luke 2:1-11 Jerry Henderson -1-11-30  Jesus Christ Saviour and Lord.ppt
  How to Build a Biblical Faith in our Children Jerry Henderson -1-11-30  how to build a Biblical faith in our children.ppt
  Motivation to Serve Acts 20:22-24 Jerry Henderson -1-11-30  motivation to serve.ppt
  Separate and Peculiar from the World Leviticus 20:26 Jerry Henderson -1-11-30  separate and peculiar from the world.ppt
  The Misunderstood Christ and His church Matthew 16:13-20 Jerry Henderson -1-11-30  the misunderstood Christ and His church.ppt



50th Wedding Anniversary - In which state was the happy couple living when you first met them?