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Hello everyone,

Well, I'm just sitting here in the WalMart parking lot in Lebanon, IN waiting for Dottie to wake up and thought I would let the folks who still read this blog know what's going on. I just finished the meeting in Charleston, WV this past Friday evening. The members attended the meeting well and we had some visitors for other churches in the area, not as many as was hoped and as far as I know none from the community. However, the members there seemed to be very encouraged by the lessons presented, some asking for cd's so they could share them with others or to listen to lessons they missed because of work schedules and one lady asking for a copy on my outline to use in studying with someone else. After the meeting we traveled to Kettering, OH and worshiped with the church there where Matt Allen preaches. We enjoyed seeing Matt and Becki and children again, they are very special to us. Yesterday (Monday) was spent getting an airbag replaced that was damaged by the tow truck in PA as a result of the drive shaft problem. We left the RV dealer about 5 PM and drove till just before dark and found the local WalMart and stopped for the night. We will be in Pekin, IL for Bible study this Wednesday evening and then leave for Plano, IL Thursday. Loy Fulfer, (the preacher for Minooka where I will begin a meeting Sunday), and I will do some visiting and hand out invitations to the meeting on Friday. We are looking forward to being with the Fulfers for a few days. After the meeting in Minooka, I will be preaching on Sunday for the church in Princeton, IL and then we will head for Rapid City, SD where we will attend Bible on Wednesday evening. While there we will be able to visit with our son Tim and his family before traveling on the Ranchester, WY to work with the church there, then on the Sheridan, WY for a meeting there. Well that's about all for now, more later.




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Hello to all,

Tuesday March 6 we left Florence, AL beginning our third year traveling and holding meetings and working with small congregations primarily in the Pacific Northwest. This has been a very rewarding work that saw two baptized into Christ the first year and two restored the second year. Dottie and I are deeply grateful to all the individuals and churches that have helped with our support in order that we can do this work. This enables us to work with churches that otherwise could not afford to have a gospel meeting or some of them to even have a preacher preach for them on the Lord's Day. I still have not raised all the support I believe I will need for this year, but I think I am close enough with what I anticipate will be coming shortly, that we should be able to do all the work that is planned.

Since December of 2011 I have been preaching on Sunday morning for the church in Somerville, AL and this past Sunday, (March 4th) was my last Sunday to preach there. They are trying to locate a preacher to work with them on a full-time basis. In the meantime, they have some other men in the area who will preach for them on a "fill-in" basis, some older retired preachers and some who work a secular job and do "fill-in" preaching.

At present we are in Trenton, TN (where I preached for almost eight years) visiting with friends and attended Wednesday evening Bible study. We visited the school where Dottie worked and she was able to visit with a number of her former co-workers. We are taking some vacation time before my first meeting in Wellsburg, WV and plan to tour some of the Eastern States we have not seen. We will be visiting with friends this weekend at Paris Landing State Park northeast of Paris, TN. and will be with the Kentucky Lake Rd church this coming Sunday (March 11). We will be with the church in New Haven, VT March 18 and then in Tyngsboro, MA March 25. We have some very dear friends who drive about an hour and a half one way from a city in NH to worship with this faithful group. They are not aware of a faithful church in the state of New Hampshire. From there we will travel to Wellsburg, WV to begin our gospel meeting work April 1. Next will be Charleston, WV; Minooka, IL; Princeton, IL; Ranchester, WY and Sheridan, WY. I am working on the possibility of doing some work with a small liberal church in Scotts Bluff, NE. The daughter and son-in-law of a family in Ranchester, WY attend there along with another daughter, because there is no faithful church in driving distance. So, they are hoping something can be worked out for us to be able to do some teaching there. From there we will go back to Belgreen, AL for a week and then head back to the Northwest for more meetings. The dates and places for some of these have not been set definitely as of yet, so I will have more to say about these in future reports.

I appreciate all who read these "blogs". Many have told us that they are praying for us and give us words of encouragement for which we are deeply grateful and we solicit your continued prayers on our behalf.

So long for now and more will be posted as we make our way to the various appointments we have.





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Hello Everyone,

I thought I had posted since we were in Rapid City, but if so it did not get posted to the site. I preached in Rapid City 9-19-11 and then Monday morning we headed to Plano, IL. We were able to park in the driveway of Loy and Diane Fulfer's house. Loy preaches in Minooka where I participated in a different speaker meeting Sept 21-25. I spoke Wednesday evening and then Sunday morning and evening. On Tuesday we drove to Pekin, IL and I preached for the church there in Pekin Wednesday evening. Thursday morning we left Pekin on our way to Holly Springs, MS. We parked at Wall Doxey State Park just south of Holly Springs and attended and helped with the meeting at Laws Hill, MS. Bobby Holmes preached in this meeting. He has preached in a meeting at this small church for the last 24 years. He will be 82 years young in March and his health is not good, so he told them this would be his last year to come and work with them. During the meeting I recorded the lessons each night and made audio cd's for those who requested them. As it stands now, I will be preaching for this church in their meeting next year the first week in October. We enjoyed very much being with these few brethren at Laws Hill, we have known the folks there for many years. In fact I was a part of the "crew" of brethren that put an addition on their building so they could have restrooms and a nursery somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty years ago. We are now parked at brother Eddie Wiggs place just a few miles from Houston, MS. We will worship with the church in Thorn Sunday morning and with the North Jackson church in Houston Sunday evening. Brother Holmes is preaching in a meeting at the Southside church in Houston and we will be able to make the Sunday evening services there as well as Monday evening. We then plan to attend a meeting Tuesday evening in Buckhorn, MS. and then be with the Northeast church in Tupelo Wednesday evening. We will leave Tupelo Thursday Oct 13 on our way to Athens, GA. I will be preaching in a meeting with the Oglethorpe Ave church there Oct 16-19. After the meeting there we will be headed home to Florence, AL to begin preparation for another trip next year. While in Florence, I will be doing some "fill in" preaching in the area.

This has been a great year with very little mechanical problems with the RV so far. We have enjoyed being with eighteen different churches so far this year. Some of these I just preached on Sunday(s) or Wednesday(s), but I preached meetings for nine of the eighteen and have one meeting to go. I certainly pray that good has been accomplished and no harm at all. There were two restored during this preaching tour. I will do a detailed report on all of the work we have been involved in after we get back home. So, so long for now.





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Hello All,

We are now in Rapid City, SD. We arrived here Thursday afternoon, both of us very tired. I fought the wind all the way from Sheridan, WY to Rapid City and on the way remembered I was supposed to have had the oil changed in the Motor Home before we left Sheridan. So, I went on-line and found a place in Rapid City to get the oil changed before we set up in the RV park. We just rested last evening and went to bed early. We will visit with the Allens (Sam and Donna) at lunch today and do some necessary shopping.

The work in Ranchester continues to struggle just to maintain the "status-quo". The family that I mentioned that came to the meeting in the Spring are still attending some, the wife more than the husband. Also their daughter is now living with them and attended with her mother (the husband was Elk hunting) the Sunday I was there (Sept 4th) and the husband and wife along with their daughter attended one night of the meeting in Sheridan. There is some interest there, but they are very weak spiritually.

We had a good meeting in Sheridan, WY. We had visitors at every service. A lady from the liberal church attended every night but Wednesday night. Also the mother and sister (who are not members of the church) of one of the members attended the last two nights of the meeting. Bob Reich and his family from Ranchester attended two nights and the couple I mentioned above attended Tuesday night. The man that I had a discussion with during the meeting in Ranchester in the Spring even attended one night. He has his one small group that meets in Sheridan. He doesn't agree with all that the liberals are doing and neither does he agree with sound brethren because they won't "eat in the building". He is a very radical and contentious individual, but he said I didn't preach anything he didn't agree with (the lesson was about the disobedient prophet in 1Kings 13). We enjoyed the hospitality of the brethren in both Ranchester and in Sheridan. The Beef steaks in Ranchester and the Buffalo steaks in Sheridan were both very good, along with all the other food provided for us.

I will preach in Rapid City this Sunday and Monday we will point the Motor Home toward Plano, IL. We plan to arrive there about lunch time Wednesday and be ready to begin a different speaker meeting there Wednesday evening through Sunday. I will be speaking three times in this meeting. We will be visiting Pekin IL the following Wednesday evening and then travel to Laws Hill, MS to help in the meeting scheduled there with Bobby Holmes. We had planed to be home sometime during the week of the Oct 9th, but now have a meeting scheduled with the church in Athens, GA Oct 16 - 19. We should be back in Florence, AL around Oct 21st. I will be available for appointment preaching after that. I plan to begin arranging meetings and preaching appointments for another trip out West next year as soon as we get home.

Well, so long for now, until next time.


Jerry L. Henderson



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Hello All,

Well here I am again, apologizing for not posting more than I have. To be truthful, I just became so absorbed in the work we were doing that I simply forgot about posting to this blog. That is, until John Shadowens, who was on vacation in Yellowstone and visited the meeting in Blackfoot, ID said something about not having any updates on the work we were doing. So, I looked and saw that it has been almost two months since I last posted anything. So, I will try to catch everyone up on what we have been doing since July 9.

I preached in a short meeting in Medford, OR July 10-15. They could not arrange to have the "Grange Hall" (community center) all week, so I preached three times on Sunday, then Thursday and Friday evening. During the week a lady responded to the invitation and ask for the prayers of the church on her behalf, because she had not been as faithful as she should.

From Medford we went to Payette, ID. Payette is just across the Snake River from Ontario, OR. This was the first time for us to be with the church there. The meeting was just Sunday through Tuesday (July 17-19), but we stayed and worshiped with them on Wednesday evening also. Ron Rasmussen preaches for this small church and even though they are small they seem very dedicated and Ron is doing a good work here. They have a unique opportunity to reach some who are in a liberal church close by; because this liberal church does not have Sunday evening services and some of the members attend services in Payette on Sunday evening. Several were there the Sunday evening of the meeting and some were present other nights during the meeting. The members there in Payette have hope of being able to reach some of these visitors with the Truth.

From Payette, we returned to Yakima, WA. Last year we formed some very close bonds with many of the members of the church here. This was not a full week meeting. I was scheduled to preach for them two Sundays July 24 and 31 and I also spoke on Wednesday evening. This church also meets for Bible study on Thursday evening in the home of one of the families there. We participated in this Bible study on the 21st, 28th and August 4th. I spent some time with the young man who is doing the preaching for the church here and was encouraged by the seeming spiritual growth in him since last year. He indicated that he was not sure that he wanted to do full time preaching work, but had committed himself to this work for a year or so. There is a great potential in the work here in Yakima. We will probably go back next year for a full week meeting.

While we were in the area I also preached for the church in Sunnyside, WA where Steven Wallace serves as the local evangelist. This church is much smaller than Yakima, but the members there are likewise strong and dedicated to the cause of Christ.

Our next stop was Medicine Hat, Alberta, CA for a full week meeting August 14-19. Steve Willis is working with this small church. This church is having a difficult time due to the age of some of the members and the work schedules of some others. It is composed of one elderly couple, one single man, a married man whose wife is not a Christian, a married lady whose husband is not a Christian and Steve Willis and his wife, just seven people. Steve and his wife Shirley both have some health issues and due to age the elderly couple also has some health issues. Medicine Hat is a very large city and much work needs to be done here, but Steve's health is such that he is unable to do a lot of the work that needs to be done. While we were there, Steve and I did some visiting in an effort to encourage some who were unfaithful to come back to the Lord as well as trying to get some others interested in studying the Bible.

From Medicine Hat we traveled on Saturday to Lethbridge and I preached for them on Sunday. They have just been able to get back into their building after having to do extensive repairs due to flooding last year, They had to spend somewhere around $18,000 to get the building back in condition where they could continue to meet in it. Mike Gray is doing a good work as the local evangelist here. It is likely that we will be back there next year for a full week meeting. This church has a number of folks who attend that do not seem to be as dedicated spiritually as they ought to be and Mike and others who are stronger spiritually are doing what they can to work on this aspect of the work there.

As of this writing we are in Blackfoot, ID where we spent several weeks last year. We are engaged in a full week meeting here (Aug 28-Sept 2). This church has some strong dedicated people and Dave Matlock has been with them about a year serving as the evangelist. Since last year they have lost three young couples. One couple they lost was due to a work related move to the Washington DC area. The other two couples simply quit attending and efforts have been made and are still ongoing to work with them to return them to faithfulness. One couple says they are attending another congregation but will not say where. One middle age couple is in the process of adopting three children, all siblings. And the children of another middle age couple have moved here and are allowing their children to be brought to the assemblies, but I understand that the children will not attend. As you can see there is a great deal of work to be done here and the potential for growth is great.

When we finish the work here in Blackfoot, we will go to Ranchester, WY where I will preach Sunday Sept 4th and Wednesday the 7th. Then we will go to Sheridan, WY for a four day meeting there Sept 11-14. From there we will go to Rapid City, SD and worship with the brethren there Sunday the 18th and then we are scheduled in Minooka, IL to participate in a different speaker meeting there. I will speak on Wednesday evening and one time on Sunday. From there we will visit Pekin, IL on Wednesday evening and then head to Laws Hill, MS to help Bobby Holmes in a meeting there, and then do some visiting in the Houston, MS area and from there back to Florence, AL.

I will try to remember to post again after the meeting in Sheridan.

Thanks for all the support I have received both materially and spiritually. Many have given us much encouragement and are praying for us on a regular basis. For all the support we have received we are truly grateful and without it we could not do the work we are doing.

In Christian love,


Jerry L. Henderson


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