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Hello All,

We are now in Trenton, TN where we attended Bible study last night. We will be leaving shortly for Paris, TN where we will be this weekend. We will be with the Kentucky Lake Road church this Sunday. Monday we will leave and travel to Mayfield, KY to get some work done on the hydraulic leveling jacks, (we blew a line on Monday). From there we are on the way to Plano, IL where I will preach for the church in Minooka, IL on the 21st.

More to come


Jerry L. Henderson



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To all,

Well, we are officially on the road now. We left home Sunday afternoon March 7 and traveled to Tupelo, MS and worshiped with the Northeast church. Dottie will see her cardiologist Tuesday and we will visit with some of my family then we are headed to Paris, TN and will be there this coming weekend and will worship with the Kentucky Lake Rd church on the 14th. We will probably be with the church in Trenton, TN Wednesday evening. From Paris we will journey to Plano, IL where I am scheduled to preach for the church in Minooka, IL on the 21st. This church is helping in my support for the work we will be doing in the Pacific Northwest. We will leave there on the 22nd and hope to be in Rapid City, SD for Wednesday evening services on the 24th. From there we travel to Blackfoot, ID where I begin a gospel meeting April 4th. I will post more as time goes by.



time is close

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Dear friends,

Dottie and I are looking forward with great anticipation to our work that is about to begin. Our date of departure from Florence is March 8th.

We will be going to Tupelo, MS for Dottie's appointment with her cardiologist and visit with some friends and family there. We will be in Paris, TN to visit with friends March 11-14. On Monday March 15 we will be heading toward Plano, IL. I am scheduled to preach for the church in Minooka, IL, possibly a weekend meeting but I am definitely scheduled to preach Sunday March 21. From there we will travel to Rapid City, SD and visit with friends there and then on to Blackfoot, ID where I start a week meeting April 4th. We will be in Blackfoot for about 5 or 6 weeks and will then go to Medford, OR. We will be there the last week of May and the first week of June. There will be other places in OR, WA and Canada. I will post more later.






Travel to Pekin

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To all,

We are now in a motel just north of East St Louis, MO on our way to Pekin, IL to attend the funeral of one of the most spiritually minded men I have know, Kenneth Embry. Brother Embry served as one of the elders in the 13th street church when I preached there back in the early 70's. Later he served as one of the elders of the congregation that resulted from the merging of the 13th street church and the 16th street church, to form the Pekin church of Christ. He had been fighting cancer for several years and has now gone on to his reward. He will be sorely missed by us and so many, many more faithful Christians who knew him.




Here We Go

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This begins the blog of

Jerry Henderson

This blog will follow Jerry & Dottie Henderson as they work for the Lord in the Pacific Northwest during the Spring and Summer of 2010.

This post is written by Dan Henderson, Jerry's & Dottie's oldest son. It has been created so that Jerry can keep folks informed about the work he is doing. We hope that you will visit regularly (and that Dad posts regularly, also).


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