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Wednesday 3-30-10

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Hello Everyone,

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we are now in a mobile home park in Blackfoot, ID. This ia a nice park and it is not near as expensive as being in a campground designed for RV's. I preached this past Sunday and will begin a Sunday through Friday meeting this coming Sunday (4-9). Tom and Kate Mitchel (Tom has a secular job and also does most of the preaching here) had a home study last night, but said the ladies' house was small and she might be more comfortable if they continued with it by themselves for now. There are a lot of young couples in the church here that seem to be very spiritually minded, so there seems to be a lot of potential for growth in the church here.

I plan to do some lessons on fellowship during the meeting as well as some first principle lessons and some to just encourage the members.

The weather here has been cold and wet since we have been here, but may clear up some by next week. We had rain sleet and snow all yesterday, but it is just cold and cloudy now. We took some time yesterday to do some laundry and I caught up on some computer work, study and reading.

Well, that's about all for now, more later.




Friday 3-26-10

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Hello all,

We are settled for the night in a nice campground in Dillon Montana. It has free wireless internet although the signal strength is low where we are. We "fought the wind" almost all the way from Billings this morning and I was very tired. We have rested some since we parked and feel a little better now. The wind is still blowing in gust close to 20 miles an hour and it may snow some tonight, with temps down to about 26. We should get to Blackfoot, ID tomorrow around lunch time. As far as we can determine there is not a campground in Blackfoot. So, we may have to drive from ten to twenty miles for services or any studies we might have there. I plan to call Tom Mitchel tonight and talk to him to see if he knows of any places to park our Motor Home that would be closer than the places we found.

We visited with Sam and Donna Allen Wednesday afternoon and went to Bible study with them, then met them for breakfast on Thursday morning before we left. It was good to get to see tham and be with them for a while.


We are looking forward to being with the church in Blackfoot, Id during the month of April and part of May, then continuing our journey over to Medford Oregon for about two or three weeks working with them. Then to Albany, OR for a Sunday through Sunday meeting there. I will have some more specific details regarding our work in a few days. So, more later.




Monday 3-22-10

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Hello again

Well, we are on the road again (actually in a campground right now) about 100 miles west of DeMoines, IA. We should make Rapid City, SD about noon Wednesday and assemble with the church there Wednesday evening. We plan to visit with Sam and Donna Allen there, long time friends originally from Malvern, AR where we worked in the late 70's and early 80's.

We had an enjoyable few days with the Fulfer family in Plano, IL. I preached Wednesday and Saturday evenings as well as Three times on Sunday at Minooka, IL where Loy Fulfer is the preacher. This is a small group of about 20, but they seem to be very dedicated in their service to the Lord. Loy's wife, Diane, is recovering from surgery to remove a brain tumor. She was able to be at services Sunday evening for the first time since the surgery. She seems to be doing well in the recovery process. However, she will be undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Please continue to remember her in your prayers. I preached from 1Thess 5:14 about responsibilities to others on Wednesday evening, from Phil 2:3-8 about the mind (disposition) of Christ Saturday evening, from Isaiah 33:5-6 dealing with the stability of our times (dealing with wisdom and knowledge and reverence for God), from Isaiah 2:1-5 on the subject of "what went forth from Jerusalem?" dealing with the importance of preaching the Word, Sunday during Bible study and worship, then on the subject of "The Fork in the Road" based on Moses decision to suffer with the people of God from Heb 11:24-26.

If it is the Lord's will we plan to be in Blackfoot, ID in time to begin a meeting there April 4th.

More later,




Mar 20

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Hello all,

Just sitting here looking over sermons I plan to preach tonight and tomorrow in Minooka, IL and looked out the window and saw that it was snowing. It has already snowed a little, some showing on the rooftops and a little in places on the ground. It is supposed to snow/rain today and tomorrow. However, it is warm and cozy in our motorhome as long as we can keep propane gas and electricity. We are enjoying our stay here in Plano and visiting with the Fulfers. Diane seems to be doing better each day and she is impatiently waiting to learn when the "treatments" are going to start. It seems to me that this is especially hard since she lost her dad to cancer recently and just learned in the last couple of days that her aunt has terminal cancer. However this aunt is in her nineties and is a Christian. For those of you who know Loy Fulfer, "I spent a week with him yesterday".

We had breakfast together with three of the men from the church in Minooka and then we visited the rest of the day, discussing scripture and talking about sermons and various problems among brethren in various places. It was an enjoyable day. Dottie went with Diane and her mother to Diane's doctor's appointments, then they ate lunch together and went shopping for a while.

While we are missing folks in other places we are enjoying very much our trip thus far. I will write more later.


Plano IL

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To all,

We arrived in Plano, IL today (March 17) about lunch time. We visited with Sis. Violet Embry most of the afternoon til The Fulfers (Diane and Loy) got home from doctor's appointments. I am happy to say that Diane looks really well, and seems to be in pretty good spirits, but she is doing therapy now and will start her treatments for the cancer soon. Please continue to remember her in your prayers.

I preached tonight at Minooka, IL where Loy preaches and will also preach Saturday evening and three times on Sunday. Tonight I spoke from 1Thess 5:14 regarding four responsibilities we have toward others: warn the unruly, comfort the feebleminded, support the weak and be patient toward all. Everyone seemed to appreciate the lesson and hopefully we all profited from it. This is a small congregation, but they seemed to be very dedicated to the Lord and I know they are receiving good teaching from brother Fulfer.

I will post more about lessons and the work here later.




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