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Beginning 2nd evangelistic tour 3-10-11

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Hello Everyone,

This afternoon about 5:30 we will begin our 2nd evangelistic tour of the Pacific Northwest. We will make a stop to visit with friends in Paris, TN this weekend. However, due to the death of my aunt we must leave there on Saturday evening and go to Tupelo, MS for her funeral on Sunday afternoon at 2:00. We will worship with the Northeast church in Tupelo on Sunday. We may have to have our refrigerator checked out on Monday if it continues to freeze everything in the part below the freezer. From Tupelo we will travel to Mustang, OK where I will be preaching March 20th. From there we may stop by Rapid City, SD and preach for the church there on the 27th. This is not certain yet. If I don't preach there I will begin my work with the church in Ranchester, WY on the 27th of March. I will be preaching in a meeting there April 10-13 and will continue to work with this church till about the middle of May. This church is making an effort to take a stand against institutionalism and I hope to help them in this effort. From there we will go to Jasper, TX for our grandchildren's graduation and I will preach there May 29th and then we will leave there for my meeting in Shelbyville, TN the first week of June. This will let you know something of our whereabouts and I will be posting more as we progress along the way. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel on our nations highways, that we will have safety.



Jerry L. Henderson



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Hello everyone,

It has been almost three weeks since I posted anything. So, I thought I would give everyone an update on our travels. The meeting in Calgary was well attended although something like the flu caused some not to be able to attend the latter part of the week. Several requested audio copies of some of the lessons presented and some ask for paper copies of the outlines of the lessons I presented for further study and to use in working with others who are not Christians. From Calgary we traveled to Medicine Hat, Canada where Steve Willis preaches. This is a very small group of Christians of about seven or eight who regularly attend worship services. This group has been larger in numbers in the past, but for various reasons (some moved away) have declined in numbers. They have a nice building in which to meet in a good location, but the work just has not grown in the last few years. Steve as well as his wife have had some health issues in the past but seem to be doing better now. Hopefully, with time and effort the work can begin to grow. The members attended well except for some who had to work and seem to be dedicated to the work. My lessons were designed primarily to encourage and build up this small group of Christians. Please remember them in your prayers, because in their situation it is very easy to become discouraged. While we were there we tried diligently to find a place where we could worship on Sunday on our way to Plano, IL, but with no success. So, we stayed over and I taught the Bible class and preached both times Sunday due to Steve being sick (He missed one night of the meeting). So, I was glad that I was able to help out in that way. We left on Monday morning on our way to Plano, IL and found a place to stay Monday night then on Tuesday the problems started. We stopped to buy some things and then decided to eat lunch and when we started to leave, the power steering was gone. We finally had to have the RV towed to a garage (almost $400 towing bill) and the service man stayed after hours to get us going and in fact did. We found a place to stay Tuesday night and started on to Minneapolis for Bible Study Wednesday evening. After spending the night there we left Thursday morning and while traveling down the interstate and 55 miles per hour we lost the power steering again. I was able to drive to a place to get it seen about and they finally found a leaking high pressure hose in the power steering system and replaced it, but the parking brake had burned up due to the inter-connection between it and the power steering. Every time we stopped we had to put a "scotch" under the wheels to keep the RV from rolling. So, we found a place close to Plano to get that repaired and after repairing the parking/emergence brake (they are one and the same) they found a possible problem with the power steering pump due, possibly in part, to it being driven a few miles without power steering fluid in the pump. So, at this writing we are waiting to hear about that. I guess there is a good side to most things, though, because the church in Minooka (a congregation that has been helping in my support) started their Gospel meeting this past Sunday and we have been able to attend it every service. We originally had planned to be in Plano and preach for the church in Minooka on Sunday or Wednesday (Minooka is about 40 minutes from Plano, the preacher, Loy Fulfer lives in Plano). But due to meeting schedules in Canada having to be changed we were unable to do that. But, I was able to make some remarks after services Sunday evening and thank them for the support they provided. If possible we will leave this afternoon and go to Pekin for Bible study tonight, otherwise we will stay here for Bible study tonight, and then make our way to the meeting in Laws Hill, MS where Bobby Holmes will be preaching beginning October 3rd. After that meeting is over we will be headed back to Florence, AL and will then decide what we will be doing next. If possible, and arrangements can be made we would like to do something similar to this next year, but we will have to see what the Lord has in store for us.

Thanks so much for all your prayers, support and well-wishes during this 7 month long journey. The Lord has greatly blessed us with good health and a minimum of mechanical problems. We have travelled a little over 12,000 (a little over 3,000 of this was the trip to Jasper, TX and back) miles in the RV and about 9 - 10,000 miles in the Jeep with most all of this related to the Lord's work in the various places we have worked in the Great Pacific Northwest. Our work has taken us to Minooka, IL; Blackfoot, ID; Sunnyside, WA; Yakima, WA; Hood River, OR; Medford, OR; Albany, OR; White Rock, British Columbia, Canada; Bellingham, WA; back to Yakima, WA; then to Blackfoot, ID again (from there to Jasper, TX for our grandaughter's funeral and back to Blackfoot, ID); then on to Lethbridge, Calgary, and Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Now we are back in Plano, IL attending the meeting in Minooka, IL and making plans to be at the meeting in Laws Hill, MS (about halfway between Holly Springs and Oxford, MS)

For the most part our support has been adequate, however in th past week we have had quite a lot of unexpected expenses along with the unexpected expense of the trip to our grandaughter's funeral. All together, so far we have had to use a little over $3000 from our savings to cover these unexpected expenses. So, if anyone or any congregation would like to help defray these expenses, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again to one and all for your prayers and support during the work we have been doing. Brotherly,





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Hello All,

I have some time this morning and thought I would post a little about our work. Dottie and I continue to enjoy good health and are enjoying our travels and especially the work we are doing. We are now in Calgary, CA where I am preaching in a meeting with the Northside church. The meeting began in a good way with a young man being baptized Sunday morning. This seems to be a good, strong church. They have been very complimentary of the lessons presented and are encouraging us to continue with this work. There was between 75 to 100 present on Sunday and close to that number each evening. They do not post the attendance numbers so I am just guessing. The young man who was baptized had his mother and younger brother visiting with him last night (Wednesday night) and she said she would be back. Several in the congregation were absent last night due to sickness that sounded like the flu, but maybe not, hopefully they will be able to be present tonight. This church does not have what we would call a "full time" preacher. However, Eric Castillo preaches for them and works a secular job to support himself. This enable the church here to help in the support of preachers in other places. They are helping Mike Gray with his support in Lethbridge and I think also helping Steve Willis in Medicine Hat. I preached in Lethbridge on Sunday August 29. This is a small struggling church and they have recently experienced some flooding in their building that is going to be very costly to repair. They have been meeting in alternate locations while getting estimates on the repair of their building. One estimate was in the $30,000 range, but I understand they are going to be able to get enough done to enable them to meet in the building for considerably less than that. We will be traveling to Medicine Hat this Saturday to begin a meeting there Sept 12. I am looking forward to being able to present lessons there that I hope will be of benefit to this church. They have had some problems in the past but hopefully will be able to overcome them and will continue to grow and remain strong in the faith.

When we leave Medicine Hat we will be stopping by Plano, IL and visit with the church in Minooka and possibly preach for them. It looks like their meeting will be going on during the time we will be able to be there so, I don't know if I will be able to speak for them or not, but at least we will visit with them and report on our work, since they have been helping with our support. From there we will be headed back to Florence, AL if time permits before we go to Laws Hill, MS to be with the church there during their Gospel meeting with Bobby Holmes October 3-8. We should be back in Florence the next week.

Please continue to pray for the work we are doing and for our safety in all our travels.


Jerry L. Henderson



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Hello everyone,

There has a lot happened since I last posted to this site and it is difficult to know how to begin or what to say. Early in the morning of August 9th we received a phone call from our oldest son, Dan with the news that Rebekah, his second daughter, had been killed in an automobile accident. At the time we were in Blackfoot, ID doing some follow-up work with some who had separated from the work there a number of years ago. We had completed as much of that work as we could and since I was not scheduled for preaching anywhere until August 29th, Dottie and I began immediately making plans to leave Blackfoot and travel to Jasper, TX which is about 1700 miles away. We left about 8:30 that morning in our motorhome with the Jeep in tow and arrived in Jasper a little after 1:00 AM Wednesday morning. We parked at the local WalMart and slept a little and then went to Dan's house about 7:00. The Milam Street church, where Dan preaches in Jasper decided to have a song service Wednesday evening. So we sang songs of praise to God and prayed together as we all comforted each other. The funeral was Thursday morning and there were brothers and sisters from congregations in other states as well as friends from other states who came to share our loss. There was standing room only in the chapel of the funeral home, which says a lot for the influence of this 19 year old, Christian young lady. The one thing that made this a little easier was the fact that Rebekah was a faithful Christian. The outpouring of love, care and concern from so, so many from far and near has been just incredible to the whole family. However, this is understandable since all three sons have been preaching for a number of years in different states and our daughter is also involved as a bible class teacher in a congregation in another state along with the fact that I have worked with congregations in about seven or eight different states. As a result of Rebekah being known by so many people in so many different places, the outpouring of love, care and concern has been just so overwhelming to the Henderson family and we thank one and all. I simply do not know how individuals can get through such a tragic event without God's help as well as their spiritual family such as we have had.

We stayed in Jasper till Monday the 16th of August and then made our way back to Blackfoot, ID where we had some work schedule for our awning on the motorhome that a wind storm had torn. We went to mid-week Bible Study in Denver, CO and arrived in Blackfoot about 11 PM Thursday evening. The work on our awning was completed on Friday and we will worship with the church in Blackfoot Sunday and leave Monday to make our way to Medicine Hat, CA to begin the meeting there on the 29th.

Please continue to remember us in your prayers as we continue the work we have planned. Dottie and I thank everyone for their prayers on behalf of us and our whole family. Thanks also to all those who have provided us the support we needed to do this work.






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Hello everyone,

I did not realize till now that it has been over a month since I posted anything. We stayed in Yakima, WA while the leak in our hydraulic levelers was being repaired and I preached for them the Sunday we were there. This is a good group of Christians with some that are very strong and working diligently. However, as is the case in many places it seems there are some who are content to just attend assemblies and let that be the extent of their involvement.

We left Yakima July 8th and traveled to Hamilton, MT via Highway 12 and 93 which provided us with some beautiful scenery and a campground with full hookups but no service for electronic "gadgets" such as TV, Cell phones or even radio. However, we were on the banks of a beautiful little river and mountains just behind us to look at which made it a pleasant place to stay.

We had attended at a congregation in Stevensville, MT on vacation in 2003 and they seemed to be "somewhat sound". And the church in Hamilton (just a few miles south of Stevensville) is listed on at least one list of churches as being sound. So, while we were coming by there we decided to see if they were sound or not. From my perspective, they are not sound. The weekend we were there they had a group of men and some wives who were visiting from a church in Centerville, TN preaching and helping to do some work on the preacher's house in Hamilton. The man who spoke in Hamilton on Sunday morning identified himself as being the "missions minister" for the church in Centerville, TN and from comments he made regarding the work they are engaged in there in Centerville, it was obvious that they are liberal, although they would describe themselves as being sound. They are opposed to a lot that the very liberal churches are doing. However, they are doing things for which they have no authority from Scripture. The Sunday we were there, they announced that next Sunday was the time they took up for a children's home. When I talked to one of the men in the church in Hamilton he told me he was not convinced it would be wrong to use the church building for a gathering to eat a common meal. He said they didn't do that there, but it was because they didn't have room and not out of conviction that it was sinful to do so. The preacher that spoke in Stevensville Sunday afternoon was the local preacher for the church in Centerville, if I understood correctly. It seems that this group has been coming to this area about this time of year for several years. So, we found out about those two churches in Montana.

We left Hamilton on Monday July 12 and traveled back to Blackfoot, ID. I preached here July 18 and 25 and will preach August 1 and 8. We will leave here on our way to Canada August 12. I plan to visit with the church in Lethbridge before my meeting in Medicine Hat and possibly preach for the church there. While here in Blackfoot I was invited to play on a golf team for a charity event sponsored by a company owned by David Porter who is a member of the church here. As a result of contacts made there, we are supposed to have visitors at services this Sunday (Aug 1). Also, one of the reasons we came back to Blackfoot was to try to set up a meeting between the group that left the church here about eight or nine years ago. I was not successful in getting both groups together, but was able to schedule a meeting between Ray and Tom Mitchell who are physical brothers as well as spiritual brothers. Some progress was made in this meeting. Ray corrected some of his personal actions that had taken place during a meeting they had several years ago in an effort to solve problems. I also think some progress was made in efforts to solve issues that could bring them together again. Both Ray and Tom demonstrated a very good attitude in this meeting and I am hopeful that other meetings can be arranged in the future that will result in reconciliation.

Well, that is about where things stand for now. I apologize for not posting a little sooner and will try to not let it be this long before I post again.

In Christian love,


Jerry L. Henderson


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