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Hello Everyone,

We are now in Rapid City, SD. We arrived here yesterday afternoon around 2 Mountain Time. We are in the Happy Holiday RV park just South of the city on highway 16 and do not have cell phone service in the park. We do have service in town and other parts of the city, but not here in the park. So, you can leave a voice mail or send an email and we will get back to you, if you need to contact us.

I preached for the church in Mustang, OK this past Sunday (3-20-11). They are needing a preacher and we are considering the work there, it depends on a number of things as to whether we decide to do located work again this soon. One, of course, is support for the work we are doing in the Pacific Northwest, which has been hard to raise this year. However, we have received some more support after we left that I think will be sufficient for our work at least through July and into August. I will give a detailed report of the support we have received when I send out my reports the first of April.

We worshiped with the church here in Rapid City last night and I will be preaching here this Sunday. They told their preacher that it was time to make a change and he did not want to leave. So, he has caused quite a problem. He did leave, but he took some members with him and is trying to start another work here in Rapid City. The city is certainly big enough for two congregations, but the church here is not large enough to have enough leave to start another work. And add to that the fact that this new work will have started with hard feelings and accusations being made by Steve Hamilton against the church here. I understand that he is accusing them now of being unsound and has written letters to the church here to that effect and maybe to other churches. I am not aware of the specific charges, but from my observations and talking to some of the members here, they are as sound as ever. Anyway, I will be trying to encourage them while we are here.

We will be leaving Rapid City this coming Monday (3-28-11) making our way to Ranchester, WY. The church there is trying to take a stand against liberalism and is facing opposition from the liberal churches in the area that they formally had associations with. We will meet with them Wednesday evening (3-30-11) and I will preach for them on the first Sunday in April (4-3-11). I will begin a Sunday through Wednesday meeting with them April 10th and will continue working with them and preaching through the 15th of May. On the 16th we plan to leave on our way to attend the graduation ceremonies for our twin grandchildren (Ruth and Isaac) in Jasper, TX. I will preach for the church there May 29th, and then we will head to Shelbyville, TN to begin a meeting with the ElBethel church June 5th. We will have a couple of week at home in Florence and work at Rustic Youth Camp the last week of June and then we head to Payette, ID for a week meeting July 10-15. From there we will go to Yakima, WA to work with the church there and from there our plans are uncertain. I received an email from a brother in Priest River, ID who wants us to come and do some work with the small church there. Also the church in Medford, OR wanted us to come back down there and the church in Medicine Hat, CA wants us to come back up there. However, these trips will depend on whether I receive additional support or not. There are a number of churches I sent request to that I have not heard from, some I most likely will not hear from, but some may respond by sending some support. I will have more to say about the last half of our work here in the coming weeks and months, but this should suffice for now.





p.s. 3-24-11

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Hello Again,

I always forget something I want to or should say and then think of it after I send the post. That could be a sign of age or it might be a trait I have always had, you can be the judge on that. Anyway, I should have included that all these plans are contingent on them being God's will (James 4:15).

Also, I might add that it is cold here in South Dakota. Our water froze last night while it was running a small stream. We still have fresh water in the holding tank, so we are not without water. Hopefully, I can get the water thawed out today.

Have a good day and may God bless you all.






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ello Everyone,

We arrived safely in Oklahoma City, OK and are parked in the Rockwell RV Park on the south side of I40. Tomorrow we will find the meeting place for the church in Mustang, OK and will attend Bible study there tomorrow night. I will be preaching for the church in Mustang Sunday morning and evening. We will leave here on Monday and go to Rapid City, SD and I will preach there Sunday the 27th. From there we will go to Ranchester, WY and begin our work with the church there. I will be in a meeting there April 10-13. We will continue to work with the church there through May 15. May 16 we will head toward Jasper, TX to attend the graduation ceremony for our granddchildren Isaac and Ruth Henderson.

I will post more about our work here in Oklahoma in the next few day, but this will suffice for now.




P.S. 3-15-11

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I forgot to mention that I was privileged to be able to preach for the Northeast church of Christ in Tupelo, MS this past Sunday evening. I was very pleased to have two of my first cousins (Mary Shumpert and Inez Ryan) attend and hear me preach. This church has a very special place in our hearts, since Dottie and I worshiped there back in the late 1960's and some of the folks that were there then are still members there now. However, many have gone on to their reward and some have health problems that do not allow them to attend much any more. This church is growing and working diligently to spread the Gospel in that area as well as having fellowship with Gospel preachers in other states as well as in some foreign countries.




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Hello everyone,

We are in Tupelo, MS tonight and will attend worship at the Northeast church in the morning and then attend my aunt's funeral tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. We will also be at Northeast for Sunday evening services. On Monday we will get some work done on our refrigerator and then head to Mustang, OK on Tuesday.

Good night for now




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