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Dan and JoBeth
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What, you don't already know us? Then how did you find this page?
Oh well, get comfortable,
pop open a Dew,
have I got a tale for you.


Dan & JoBeth were both born in the 60's, just one of us earlier than the other. We were separated for about 20 years or so, but brought together by the World's Greatest Sister, mine, in 1984. Introduced in January but kept separated again until April due to sickness, our world wind romance really got started in May. We did it all, movies, dinner, gospel meetings, automobile wreck. Yes I tried everything to keep us together and it worked. In August of 1984 JoBeth agreed to spend the rest of her life with me. We are both preacher's kids so we made an agreement. We would never go into full time preaching. November 22, 1984 was the beginning date for the final joining of two souls who were made for each other.

We thought life could not be better. I had a steady job, she went to college. We ate regularly. Life was grand. Nothing could ever be better. Then it happened, our life would never be the same. October 4, 1986, 2 am, "Dan, wake up, I had a contraction." "We need to get you to the hospital." "No, I'm not going until 7." To myself, "Then why did you wake me at 2 am?" All day long we waited, pacing the hospital maternity ward. One first time dad, two first time grandfathers, I think even two first time great grandfathers were there sometime, but my memory is hazy on some parts. Don't worry though, in this family where there were fathers, grandfathers, & great grandfathers, mothers, grandmothers, & great grandmothers were nearby. There was an incident with a doctor, a cousin on another floor in ICU because of a wreck, but mainly it was waiting all day. Then sometime around 6 pm I became a Dad. Of course JB (that's JoBeth) became a Mom at the same time. Rachel Lee was certainly worth the wait.

But wait until you hear what happened next......






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