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Tim and Anna
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A Little about us:


Tim and Anna have been married for 15 years.  During that time we have lived in Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Maryland and now reside in West Virginia.

We have two wonderful children.  Brooklyn is 12 and enjoys listening to music, reading, drawing and lovingly irritating her brother.  Austin is 5 and enjoys playing video games, fighting bad guys outside and from time to time, irritating his sister.  We homeschool our children and this has provided us with a wonderful amount of family time and family activities.  To augment our homeschool activities, we purchased a membership to the Pittsburgh Zoo and have made numerous trips to view the animals there.  Pittsburgh has a number of museums that we are also taking advantage of, therefore increasing our educational opportunities.

As a family, we enjoy a number of activities.  We love to ride bicycles around Pittsburgh and on other rail-to-trails in the area.  We enjoy hiking, canoeing and camping.  We try to make these educational adventures as well, making learning fun :-)

One of our favorite activities as a family is travelling.  We have traveled around most of the Eastern United States and in Canada.  Last fall, we had the pleasure of travelling through New England and enjoying the fall foliage in this most beautiful section of the US.  While in Boston, we toured the USS Constitution, giving the kids a chance to step back in time and get a first hand view of history.  We hope to do more travel to even further places in the next year or so.




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