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Home Fiction Poopi Baru Clauvyse Avarium - Post 6

Clauvyse Avarium - Post 6

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One of the Lords, an accomplished pianist, performed a couple more songs to bring the evening to a close. Ethan held me nearly at arms length as we moved across the dance floor until Lord Liam Alexander asked if he could take a turn.

Lord Liam had been the youngest Lord to take responsibility for a region. He was sixteen when his father became ill and frequently forgot where he was or to whom he was talking. So he stepped up in his father’s stead and soon proved himself worthy, for he was wise enough to heed the advice of his mother and more experienced members of his court.

“I did not realise the two of you had become so close”, Liam murmured as he took my hands, “Are you not significantly older than him?”

“Just over a year!”

“You seem more mature and wise. You’ve experienced tough moments in life.”

I raised an eyebrow at him, “As have you, if not more so, and you still appear young and twenty one to me”

“Of course you look nineteen. Our true age shows in our eyes. Here, look at mine”

At this he widened his eyes comically and moved closer to my face. I chuckled.

He grinned and moved back, “There, a true smile. I like that. You realize you can fight this? He is your cousin. While not illegal, it is rare and not usually considered an option.”

“I’m just not sure how to stop it”, I sobered again, “I suppose this was the simplest way for Ethan to marry up in rank. I’m just not sure if it’s my uncle’s idea or if they’re both determined.”

“I’ll visit again in two weeks when we’ve both had time to think,” Lord Liam bowed to me and stepped away to applause as the last song had ended. That evening had given me much to consider.

As the last of the guests disappeared down the drive, I ignored the other members of my household and trudged up the stairs to my rooms. The festivities, including the shock of my sudden engagement, had worn me out and only a thin thread of energy led me to my bed where I instantly fell asleep.

In the morning, my main goal was to slink through the day as invisible and alone as possible. I took meals in my room and dedicated myself to practicing a complicated verse on the violin. Unfortunately, the music made it incredibly simple to find me and Ethan did not care that he was interrupting. His knock was hesitant, but I heard it and nodded for Nala to answer the door.

“Good afternoon, cousin”, his acknowledgement of our relation made me cringe, “I thought that since we only have ten months, it would be a good idea for us to begin to plan now.”

I glared at him, “You mean, I actually get a choice in this matter?”

Nala went quietly into another room as Ethan stepped inside and shut the door behind himself, “You believe this to be my doing? You believe this is what I want for my future? I have a broken hearted girl to whom I had promised my life.”

“I’d be surprised that I was unaware of this female but it’s not as if we discuss our lives. We would rather not be chained to each other. Does Lord Bain know of your lady friend?”

“He knows that I spend time with Isabella, but does not consider us serious. Her father is the butcher and her mom has a small bakery. They have no titles.”

“You may not be very desirable to her parents either, you do not have a trade with which to support their daughter.”

Ethan exclaimed defensively, “I could learn something. I am willing to work!”

“That is a special young lady, indeed. Some one at the party mentioned that I could fight this engagement. If you would be willing to do that, so am I. Think on it and come see me again. Tomorrow, perhaps?”

“Who is your ally?”

I raised my eyebrow at him, “I do not feel that it is my place to divulge that information.”


Ethan nodded with grudging respect for this decision and left.



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