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Home Fiction Poopi Baru Clauvyse Avarium - Post 5

Clauvyse Avarium - Post 5

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I, Duchess Clauvyse Sera Avarium of Wolvenstein, have learned to internalize my thoughts. No longer am I trapped in an out of body experience. Moving onward…

The week was full of activity as we went through our usual schedule, plus I had to practice my music, and a myriad of planners and decorators came to prepare for the special event. I was surprised when Uncle Bain had the whole family fit for new clothes for the party. I got a lovely, blue-purple number with a square neckline, sleeves that fit to the elbow then trumpeted lace, and a long full skirt, without it being so big I could hardly sit.

I was standing still, trying to keep my knee bent right so that my leg was not poked from the back or the side, when Lady Elaine stepped into my doorway. I figured she was making sure the dress was done as she wished, but then she walked right up to me and gently swept a lock of hair over my shoulder.

“This color is lovely on you. Glowing like a flower in the sun. Our beautiful periwinkle,” she gently smiled at me. For that moment, she was the aunt I had known my whole life, my father’s sister. But then she glanced at the suddenly quiet seamstresses, lifted her chin up and regained her usual, haughty, cold persona.

“At least she’ll be quite presentable for the party,” Lady Elaine said over her shoulder as she strode out of the room. I sighed, but regained my pose when I felt a prick against my thigh.

The day of the party was quite lovely. There was a beautiful layer of powdery, white snow on the ground but it wasn’t icy and workers had been able to clear the major roads. The foyer, dining hall, and ballroom were decorated in golden yellows, burnt reds and deep blues to match the shield of Wolvenstein.

Shortly after lunch, guests began arriving. I embraced my part in hosting and greeted many in the foyer as their coats were taken. The guest list was made up of those titled as Lord or higher for our province and two others. It seemed that most of the two hundred person guest list would should up, except for a handful of families that were living down roads that had been snowed over.

With the buzz of conversation in the ballroom it took a moment for the crowd to realize that a butler was introducing me as part of the night’s entertainment. Then the stormy rhythm of “A Winter Concerto” on the piano got their attention and couples began to pair off to dance. Amidst conversation and dancing, my part in entertaining went off without any problems. This included my piece on the violin, for which Lord Bain made sure Viceroy Smike was front and center. I stepped off the slight platform to a round of applause and a smiling tenor stepped up behind me, already beginning his first song.

Most of the evening I stayed away from the swaying couples in the center of the room, kept to wall with a plate from the buffet, and made light conversation with the occasional person who had known my parents. The moon was shining brightly outside when my uncle stepped onto the stage to make a speech as the party began to wind down.

“Lords and ladies”, he waited for near silence before he continued, “I thank you all for your presence tonight. We have truly enjoyed our time together.”

There were several cheers of agreement and general applause, as it had been a nice party.

“But I did not only call you here to pass the time. I have an important engagement to announce on this night”, he grinned as his audience waited, “I held this event to make it known that my eldest son, Ethan, will be married when he turns eighteen in ten months. He is engaged to our own, Duchess Clauvyse!”


I tried not to choke on a grape and just managed to get a polite smile on my face as the startled crowd turn to face me, whispering. I could only hope they thought my watery eyes were from my uncontainable joy. Ethan walked through a group nearby and took my elbow, pulling towards the stage. We stepped up and stood, arm in arm, as the guests broke into applause. What could I do but go along in front of all of these aristocrats? In this way, Lord Bain was some kind of cruel genius, he knew my manners would keep me from making a scene.



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