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Home Fiction Poopi Baru Clauvyse Avarium - Post 4

Clauvyse Avarium - Post 4

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Clauvyse mentally shook herself to bring her attention back to the present. She set her sketchbook aside just as her language tutor walked through the sitting room door, led by a young servant. They went through greetings, some polite small talk, and then settled in for the lesson. The duchess supposed she could consider herself lucky that only three languages were spoken on their continent, and she had grown up speaking two of them in her home. She even knew enough of the two languages of the other continent that she could be conversational if necessary.

Her next tutor she had since she was quite young and enjoyed the way he told history in stories. He taught her everything there was to know since the beginning of written word. The Eastern continent had thought their three countries were all there was to their world until an exploratory group had journeyed across the half-mile wide strip of land on the southwestern corner. They had traveled for a day and spent the night in a forest, late the next morning they came across a small village made up of hardened mud buildings. The explorers believed this whole new land to be made up of similar villages and went back to the eastern continent. Later in the year they returned to the western continent with a larger party, full of teachers, workers and gifts, intent on teaching these people a better way of life. When they got back to the village, there was already a caravan set up, trading goods with the people. This was when the Eastern continent discovered that there were indeed countries, kingdoms, and provinces set up on this new continent.

The discovery of new land served as an incentive to both continents and shipyards became a new industry all along the coasts. For a couple hundred years, everything moved smoothly between the continents. As ships became more common and extravagant, those who could afford it took to vacationing on the new continent or simply visiting along the coastlines. This was especially popular as the Eastern continent had a snowy climate a majority of the year while the Western continent kept a warming, balmy temperature.

In the year 472, two kings gave their first birth to twins, and so in the year 496, when one king died and the other decided to step down from his throne, there was war. In both sets of twins, the younger had been deemed the heir to the throne and neither of the older twins was happy. Apparently they had discussed and planned and stoked each other’s fire until they decided to do something about it.

In the northern kingdom of Alid, the king & queen had given birth to two boys, but the eldest was very sick as a child and so they had named the younger as heir. The king of Alid got sick and quickly passed away at the end of 496 and Prince Noir was crowned. Prince Truthers, now rarely ill and strong minded, gathered support and confronted his brother the first day of 497. Their war lasted for five months, when their mother declared it all nonsense, split up their country and set each of them as king over their own country.

In the southern kingdom of Engal, the king & queen had given birth to a girl and boy, with the girl being the eldest. Princess Vari quite disdained the notion that she could not run a country and had argued this with her father for years, but he thought that it would go no farther than that. Two months before the king of Alid got sick, the king of Engal decided it was time for him to step down and for his son to be crowned. Everyone was quite surprised when Princess Vari took action by taking troops and setting up shop in a secondary castle along the coast. The war in Engal went on for nine months, but did not result in many casualties. While very intelligent, Princess Vari was not a military planner and Prince Seand did not truly wish to harm to his sister or her troops, especially since he felt she could run the country. When news reached the king and queen of Engal that the northern kingdom had been split for the twins, the parents considered this quite clever and unabashedly did the same thing to their country less than a week later. This made Princess Vari the first queen of a country in history.

During the nine months of conflict, trade with the other continent had significantly dropped and the tourism came to a complete stop. Then, practically overnight, there was peace and Prothus was surrounded by four new countries on the Eastern continent. Military and servants scrambled to divide themselves setting up kingdoms for each set of twins. Teachers struggled to grasp the new divisions, names and laws to pass on to their students. The royalty of each area, however, was simply grateful to have unity through division.

Thus there was Alid, ruled by Noir, Naleed, ruled by Truthers, Engal, ruled by Seand, Varidin, ruled by Vari, and Prothus, ruled by Zachas, on the Eastern continent. The Western continent held three countries, Kendan, ruled by Joshi, Mendaka, ruled by Oliverd, and Croita, ruled by Skyne.



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