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Home Fiction Poopi Baru Clauvyse Avarium - Post 1

Clauvyse Avarium - Post 1

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Clauvyse wriggled her stiff fingers in the fur muff she was wearing and held it against her reddened nose in an attempt to keep warm. She always enjoyed her walks through the gardens; usually quiet moments with only a couple of guards’ eyes on her.

“Duchess Clauvyse,” called guardsman Thailen. The man’s eastern accent exaggerated the pronunciation of her name and made it sound more like claw-veese instead of cla-vis.

The young duchess closed her eyes tight to pretend, if just for a moment, that she was alone. With a sigh, she turned and stepped carefully through the thin layer of snow back to the manor with the guards trailing after her.

As they stepped through the garden doors, a servant informed Clauvyse that she was expected to dine with Lord Bain, her uncle, and his family, on the hour. The guards split off to various posts, only guardsman Thailen followed her up the stairs and stationed himself outside her room.

Waiting in the spacious room was Nala, who had been the only servant to stay from her parents’ regime when her uncle’s family moved onto the estate.

“Welcome back, ma’am. You must be quite chilled,” her personal maid smiled fondly.

Clauvyse shrugged out of her heavy coat, “I am to eat with the vultures shortly. I should at least change into a dry skirt.”

“I wonder what he could need of you. There is not much of political importance that takes place during this harsh season”

There was a sharp knock at the door and a servant announced that lunch was prepared. The two girls hastened to dress and then were lead down to the dining room by guardsman Thailen.

The Lord, Lady, and their two sons were already at the table; all but the youngest one looked upon their relative with dissatisfaction. Clauvyse would admit she still looked a bit disheveled from her time out in the snow but decided the family just still disapproved of her in general, not specifically her current appearance. She took her seat at the far end of the table and Nala stood behind her, prepared to serve.

Once the food had been laid, Lord Bain cleared his throat, “Clauvyse”, he left out her title on purpose, “I am arranging an event for entertainment and hopefully to raise some support. It will be held in a week’s time, local guests only, and you shall not only appear but also provide musical entertainment. Viceroy Smike is partial to the viola, so at least one part will include this. Is this understood?”

“I have not touched a string instrument in a year, at least”, she protested.

“This is not to be argued”, he furrowed his brow, “It shall be as I say.”

Clauvyse nodded curtly, knowing any further discussion would be in vain, and attempted to enjoy her meal in the heavy silence.



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