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Hello to everyone,

Since I haven’t posted anything for a while, I thought I would just post a copy of the report that I sent to the churches and individuals who are and have provided our support for this year.   By the way, the RV is in the shop again having a leak repaired in the radiator, we expect it to be done in the next day or so.


Dear Brethren,

Thank you so much for the generous support you are providing each month which allows me to work with churches that cannot afford to have a gospel meeting.  I finally did hear from the congregation that I though\t might be able to provide some more needed support for the planned work the rest of this year and they were unable to help.  So, I am still looking for some more regular monthly support or some "one time" help.  At present we are having to use some savings we had for emergencies, because of the breakdown and the cost of repairs earlier in the year and it is getting close to being depleted.  In fact we have had some additional expense related to the original breakdown involving the drive shaft and the RV is in the shop at present for radiator repair.  We have already spent almost $4000 in unexpected repairs.

I began a meeting in Sheridan, WY May 13-16.  All five members were present for every service and we had visitors present on Monday and Tuesday nights.  The daughter and mother of one of the members each visited once service and there was a lady from the liberal church there in Sheridan who visited once.  We also had visitors from the church in Ranchester.  We averaged eight in attendance for each service.  From Sheridan we traveled to Blackfoot, ID and began a full week meeting May 20-25.  We had good attendance the first part of the week but due to some of the members having to be out of town the attendance dropped some toward the end of the week.  We averaged about 24 each service, but we had 33 present for both the Bible study and worship periods Sunday morning.  There were several relatives of some of the members present Sunday.  On Friday evening after the close of service a young man decided he wanted to be baptized, so we all sat back down and witnessed him being immersed into Christ.  This made two responses we have had, one restored in Wellsburg, WV and this baptism in Blackfoot, ID.

From Blackfoot, we headed back toward Florence, AL for doctor’s appointments and for a week working at Rustic Youth Camp in Belgreen, AL.  On the way we stopped by Green River, WY and worshiped with this small church and I preached for them Sunday evening.  I will be back with them in a short meeting the last of June.  During July I will be working with the church in Sunnyside, WA.  Their preacher moved to Texas and they asked me to come and work with them as much as I could.  Our schedule had changed some and I did not have anything specific scheduled during July (some churches I thought I would be working with during this time did not schedule anything and one moved their dates to an earlier date) so I agreed to work with them during that time.  Following our work with Sunnyside we will be in Tacoma, WA.  I will be working with the Manitou Park Church Of Christ the month of August with a full week meeting August 12-17.  From there I am supposed to be scheduled for a week meeting in Yakima, WA, but dates are not finalized and from there into Canada for a couple of weeks then back to Ranchester, WY for a week meeting and then to Laws Hill, MS for a meeting the first week in October and if nothing else develops we will be headed back home in Florence, AL.

I appreciate your financial support, but especially your prayers.  I am including a financial statement for support received thus far in 2012 so you can know how much support we received and where it is from.


Yours in Christ,

Jerry L. Henderson

Jerry L Henderson

514 W Rasch Rd

Florence, AL 35633




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