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Hello All,

Well here I am again, apologizing for not posting more than I have. To be truthful, I just became so absorbed in the work we were doing that I simply forgot about posting to this blog. That is, until John Shadowens, who was on vacation in Yellowstone and visited the meeting in Blackfoot, ID said something about not having any updates on the work we were doing. So, I looked and saw that it has been almost two months since I last posted anything. So, I will try to catch everyone up on what we have been doing since July 9.

I preached in a short meeting in Medford, OR July 10-15. They could not arrange to have the "Grange Hall" (community center) all week, so I preached three times on Sunday, then Thursday and Friday evening. During the week a lady responded to the invitation and ask for the prayers of the church on her behalf, because she had not been as faithful as she should.

From Medford we went to Payette, ID. Payette is just across the Snake River from Ontario, OR. This was the first time for us to be with the church there. The meeting was just Sunday through Tuesday (July 17-19), but we stayed and worshiped with them on Wednesday evening also. Ron Rasmussen preaches for this small church and even though they are small they seem very dedicated and Ron is doing a good work here. They have a unique opportunity to reach some who are in a liberal church close by; because this liberal church does not have Sunday evening services and some of the members attend services in Payette on Sunday evening. Several were there the Sunday evening of the meeting and some were present other nights during the meeting. The members there in Payette have hope of being able to reach some of these visitors with the Truth.

From Payette, we returned to Yakima, WA. Last year we formed some very close bonds with many of the members of the church here. This was not a full week meeting. I was scheduled to preach for them two Sundays July 24 and 31 and I also spoke on Wednesday evening. This church also meets for Bible study on Thursday evening in the home of one of the families there. We participated in this Bible study on the 21st, 28th and August 4th. I spent some time with the young man who is doing the preaching for the church here and was encouraged by the seeming spiritual growth in him since last year. He indicated that he was not sure that he wanted to do full time preaching work, but had committed himself to this work for a year or so. There is a great potential in the work here in Yakima. We will probably go back next year for a full week meeting.

While we were in the area I also preached for the church in Sunnyside, WA where Steven Wallace serves as the local evangelist. This church is much smaller than Yakima, but the members there are likewise strong and dedicated to the cause of Christ.

Our next stop was Medicine Hat, Alberta, CA for a full week meeting August 14-19. Steve Willis is working with this small church. This church is having a difficult time due to the age of some of the members and the work schedules of some others. It is composed of one elderly couple, one single man, a married man whose wife is not a Christian, a married lady whose husband is not a Christian and Steve Willis and his wife, just seven people. Steve and his wife Shirley both have some health issues and due to age the elderly couple also has some health issues. Medicine Hat is a very large city and much work needs to be done here, but Steve's health is such that he is unable to do a lot of the work that needs to be done. While we were there, Steve and I did some visiting in an effort to encourage some who were unfaithful to come back to the Lord as well as trying to get some others interested in studying the Bible.

From Medicine Hat we traveled on Saturday to Lethbridge and I preached for them on Sunday. They have just been able to get back into their building after having to do extensive repairs due to flooding last year, They had to spend somewhere around $18,000 to get the building back in condition where they could continue to meet in it. Mike Gray is doing a good work as the local evangelist here. It is likely that we will be back there next year for a full week meeting. This church has a number of folks who attend that do not seem to be as dedicated spiritually as they ought to be and Mike and others who are stronger spiritually are doing what they can to work on this aspect of the work there.

As of this writing we are in Blackfoot, ID where we spent several weeks last year. We are engaged in a full week meeting here (Aug 28-Sept 2). This church has some strong dedicated people and Dave Matlock has been with them about a year serving as the evangelist. Since last year they have lost three young couples. One couple they lost was due to a work related move to the Washington DC area. The other two couples simply quit attending and efforts have been made and are still ongoing to work with them to return them to faithfulness. One couple says they are attending another congregation but will not say where. One middle age couple is in the process of adopting three children, all siblings. And the children of another middle age couple have moved here and are allowing their children to be brought to the assemblies, but I understand that the children will not attend. As you can see there is a great deal of work to be done here and the potential for growth is great.

When we finish the work here in Blackfoot, we will go to Ranchester, WY where I will preach Sunday Sept 4th and Wednesday the 7th. Then we will go to Sheridan, WY for a four day meeting there Sept 11-14. From there we will go to Rapid City, SD and worship with the brethren there Sunday the 18th and then we are scheduled in Minooka, IL to participate in a different speaker meeting there. I will speak on Wednesday evening and one time on Sunday. From there we will visit Pekin, IL on Wednesday evening and then head to Laws Hill, MS to help Bobby Holmes in a meeting there, and then do some visiting in the Houston, MS area and from there back to Florence, AL.

I will try to remember to post again after the meeting in Sheridan.

Thanks for all the support I have received both materially and spiritually. Many have given us much encouragement and are praying for us on a regular basis. For all the support we have received we are truly grateful and without it we could not do the work we are doing.

In Christian love,


Jerry L. Henderson



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