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Well, it has been too long since I last posted to this blog and a lot has happened during that interval. I preached in Jasper, TX May 29 and we left the next day on our way to our house in Florence, AL. On the way we stopped by Houston, MS and visited with some friends there and, yes, I played a little golf (just 9 holes). We arrived home in time to get ready for Wednesday evening Bible study at East Florence. Dottie washed all the dirty clothes and got our bags packed for my meeting in Shelbyville, TN with the El Bethel church where Donnie Rader preaches.

Dottie and I enjoyed very much being in the home of Donnie and Joan Rader during the meeting at El Bethel June 5 - 9. From my perspective the meeting was well attended by the members as well as many visitors. This good church has helped in my support for around seventeen years and we have come to love and appreciate the Christians that make up this good church. While we were there, the elders decided to increase my support, which brings me to almost full support this year when all of the one time support is added in. It was a joy to be with this church and I pray that good was done as a result of the lessons presented during the week. After returning to our house in Florence, AL on June 10 we began to make preparation for the second half of our work this year in the Pacific Northwest. We were able to attend some meetings in the area, one at Brookhill where our youngest son, Tim was preaching and then at Elgin Hills where Donnie Rader was preaching. That Friday we drove to Chattanooga, TN to meet our son, Jeff and his wife Tonya and bring their three children home with us and then Sunday our son, Tim and his wife Anna brought their two children and left them with us for a week. So we had five of our grandchildren that week and Thursday our son, Dan and his wife JoBeth brought their two youngest children and left them till we had to leave for camp. During this time and the next week we were continuing to get ready for the rest of our work in the Pacific Northwest as well as get ready to work a week at Rustic Youth Camp June 26 through July 1. We survived grandchildren and loading the Motor Home for camp and for another three months on the road. We left Belgreen, AL (Rustic Youth Camp on Cedar Creek Lake) Friday evening about 8 or 8:30 beginning the second part of our work in the Northwest and our sons began their journey back home to continue their work with the respective churches where they preach and all arrived back home safely. Beth, our daughter continues her work at Belk's and taking care of our house while we are away.

At this writing we are in an RV park in Medford, OR ready to begin preaching in a meeting tomorrow (July 10). On our way here we worshiped with the church in Malvern, AR Sunday morning then with the church in Alma, AR Sunday evening. We stopped for Wednesday evening services with the church in Las Vegas, NV. It was good to be with the church in Malvern again. I preached in Malvern from 1978 - 1982. The church in Alma seems to be doing well, Grady Rice is preaching for the church there. The Vegas Drive church in Las Vegas seems to be doing well, they are about to begin building a new meeting house. We are looking forward to being with the church in Medford again. If you remember from last year the church in Medford meets in the Grange Hall (for Southerners think Community Center). Dean Blackwell preaches for this church. From here we will travel to Payette, ID and begin a meeting July 17, then on to Yakima, WA and work with the church there from July 24 through the 31. It will also be good to be with the brethren in Yakima again. I have tentative dates to work with the church in Priest River, ID August 7-14. From there we possibly will go to Medicine Hat, CA, then to Blackfoot, ID for a meeting August 28 through Sept 2. It will be great to be with this good church again. From there we will go back to Ranchester, WY and Sheridan, WY and then point our RV back East. I will have more to say about these scheduled works as time goes by, Our RV continues to perform well and in fact, so far, has been getting better gas mileage than last year. We have had some transmission codes to show up on the Jeep, but thus far, when checked, it has not shown anything serious and in fact the light went out before I could get it checked again while in Florence. Thanks for all the support I receive from all the individuals and churches, without which I could not do the work I am doing in the great Pacific Northwest. For any who would like to see a financial statement, one can be furnished either by email or by U. S. Mail, all you have to do is ask.






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