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Lessons from a Disobedient Prophet (1Kings 13)

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A. Those of God stay that way because of faith

B. Text naturally divides itself into 3 parts:

1. Warning of the man of God - Vs 1-10

a. Against sinful worship established by Jeroboam to

keep people from defecting to Rehoboam 1Ki. 12:27

Prophecy fulfilled 300 yrs later under Josiah 2Ki. 23

b. Man of God gives sign to authenticate message.

c. Refuses food & drink with king as directed by God,

2. The sin of the man of God - Vs 11-19

a. Old prophet lies, man of God goes against God

b. Why would old prophet lie? Don't know

3. Judgement of the man of God - Vs. 20-32

a. Immediately condemned - punishment severe -

"Your body shall not come to grave of your fathers"

c. Homeland important to Israelites, he was being cut

off from God's promises.

d. Man of God killed and buried far from home.

C. Note Jeroboam's reaction (or lack of it) - Vs. 33-34

D. Note some things about the Man of God

1. Courageous - Stood against a sinful king

2. Free from personal ambition - Spoke God's word - not

influenced by invitation from king or of potential reward.

3. In spite of good qualities - punished for disobedience.



A. Man of God paid a tremendous price for believing a lie.

1. A lifetime of service dashed by a terrible mistake.

2. Though lied to, God held Man of God responsible

for believing and acting on it. Old prophet, led the

Man of God to destruction.

B. Sincere men have misled multitudes of people.

1. "I thought I was doing right thing." Prov 14:12; 16:25

2. Each one must examine God's word for themselves

a. Bereans checked Paul Acts 17:11; 2Tim 2:15

b. Don't even take my word for it - Check me out!

C. People misled by taking someone's word on

1. The plan of salvation

a. Follow faith only because majority teaching

b. God says: Believe in Jesus Jhn 8:24; Repent of

sin Lk 13:3; Confess Matt 10:32; Acts 8:37 Be Baptized

Mk 16:16; Be faithful Matt 10:22

2. Marriage/Divorce/Re-marriage

a. "Hear" what they want to believe and many are

in adulterous relationships

b. God says Matt 19:8-9; "I Hate divorce!" Mal 2:16

3. Homosexuality

a. "Gays" getting "married." homosexual "clergy"!

b. God says Rom 1:22-32, 1 Cor 6:9-11

4. Could go on. People feeding themselves on what

they want to believe don't realize it's killing them!

Illustration: Paul Harvey tells how Eskimo kills a wolf. He coats knife blade with animal blood and lets it freeze. Then, adds layers of blood, until blade concealed by frozen blood. He puts knife in ground with blade up. Wolf follows nose to scent of blood, he licks at it - lapping more and more vigorously, until blade is bare. Feverishly now, harder and harder wolf licks - his craving for blood so great he does not notice razor-sharp sting of naked blade on his tongue, nor recognize when his thirst is being satisfied by his own blood. His carnivorous appetite just craves more - until dawn finds him dead in the snow!

5. Not what well-known, well-respected, well-liked man

says - but what God says Col 2:8; 2Cor 10:5


A. Despite godly message, Man of God had obligation to

God's earlier command. Had choice: believe God or

man - God held him responsible for his choice!

B. Not enough to know truth and tell others, we must hold

ourselves to the same standard. Rom 2:17-24; Jas 4:17

C. You see, what you believe is only part of the equation;

what you do with that knowledge completes it.

1. Faith alone is dead - kind demons have Jas 2:19-20

2. Transformed life shows faith Rom 12:1-2

D. More you know, more obligation Col 1:9-10

1. As knowledge increases so performance "wisdom"

= knowledge that shows itself in a practical way.

2. It shows we are maturing Heb 5:12-14 apply truth

to real life, more apt to see sin clearly

3. We must tend to responsibility carefully Mk 4:21-25

a. Judged by use we make of our learning.

b. Truth not attended to profits nothing.


A. Learn the lesson from the disobedient man of God!

B. Believing a lie & acting on it leads to destruction.

C. Knowing truth & doing nothing with it also leads to ruin

D. Know the truth, obey the truth and you'll be saved.



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