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Are You Dedicated?

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Dedication often makes the difference between success and failure.  Real success is not the result of accident.  In almost every realm, really successful people are dedicated people.  It is said that “Alexander, the Great” became “Great” as a result of his dedication to conquest.  Paul, the apostle, became a “Great Soldier in the Army of the Lord” because he was dedicated to the service and cause of Jesus Christ, the Commander.
Men who are successful in their role as fathers to their children must be dedicated to fulfilling their responsibility in this most important function.  Husbands and wives must face the vicissitudes of marriage with dedication if they are to maintain a happy home as God intends.  Certainly those who belong to the Lord must be dedicated to Him who loves us and died for us.  A Christian must be dedicated in faithfulness to the Lord in order for heaven to be the successful conclusion to his sojourn here.
Are you dedicated?  When one does not attend worship services regularly, or give as prospered, or lead others to the Lord’s Way, or purify his heart by faith, or live a godly life, a lack of dedication is the problem.  Work on it!  Be truthful with the Lord and yourself.  Be prayerful!  Be dedicated!      CAB



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